Sophie Marquis - Bikini Competitor

I havenít competed yet. My first show will be this June. Before Bodybuilding I was doing CrossFit and Powerlifting.

I stay pretty clean all year round. I canít eat ę normal Ľ foods anymore. I get a hangover feeling the next day if I do and I feel sick. I have no choice but to eat clean. I might indulge in lactose free ice cream in off-season or a piece of chocolate here and there but I donít overthink it. I donít feel bad or beat myself up over it. Itís not an everyday thing - itís a random thing I do off-season. I have a personalized meal plan. Itís made for me and i wouldnít recommend it for everybody. I havenít tried fad diets like Keto or strictly vegan. I believe in everything in moderation and variety is key. Training: Lots of cardio, lifting and a lot of plyo workouts. I also use my own body weight for certain exercises.

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Confidence: It comes with it. You reach a certain point where comments from random people donít affect you anymore and you just donít care what people think. You feel good about it, you worked your ass off for it - SHOW IT OFF. I admit it - I workout in my sport bra and lululemon pants. I donít care if it bothers you or you hate it. I feel good and sweat a lot so Iíll keep on wearing it.

I can say Iím anxious about everything at this point. Iím 10 weeks out and I wonder if Iíll be ready. Itís normal I guess. Itís a lifestyle change. Not for everybody. To me itís normal to be at the gym for 5am while you sleep in bed till 7am.

I canít predict what will happen after my first show but I can definitely say I found my true passion in this expensive yet amazing hobby.


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