Snowy DeCaen - Bikini Competitor

* Bikini Class B winner, 2017 NPC Ohio State Championships

I started competing in 2017. My prep began in February and my first show was May 2017. I decided to start competing because while I was pursing my undergrad I use to run on the treadmill at the local gym. I never lifted weights I strictly went to run and I would watch everyone lift. Couple of girls in the gym caught my eye and I would watch them lift and eventually watched them transform for their show. After seeing them transform their body I told myself that one day when I had the time and money I would give it a go. That was the day I picked up my first weight.

My diet does not change all the much in the off season. I stick to eating clean, whole healthy foods. Meal prepping every Sunday. The only thing I add in off season is I allow myself to eat out. During contest prep I do not eat out. I loose weight best when carb cycling or doing intermittent fasting.
Low fat diets failed me. My body functions best and mentally I feel best when I have a high fat diet and lower carbs. Carbs do not affect me both mentally and physically as much as fats do.

Training: I do everything. You name it I do. It's a great mixture of lifting, cardio, HIIT, and plyo. I do not feel like I have to balance my diet and training, to me they go hand in hand.

Building self-confidence: Faith and self discipline. During contest prep I have self discipline and I keep it in check every day. When show day arrives I tell myself to have faith in the self discipline I executed over the last several weeks and having that faith helps me show off my discipline on stage.

My most recent show was the Ohio State Championship and after winning 1st place in my class I went back to where everyone else I wasn't thinking about how I was going to have to go back on stage for the Overall. I was just trying to take it all in and feel proud of myself and this almost caused me to miss the Overall judging. I running back to the stage and when I stepped out to be judged again I wasn't ready and felt a huge wave of being overwhelmed and unprepared.

Being an athlete: It affects in the most positive way. I couldn't imagine that this sport and being an athlete in it would change my life for the better THIS much.

Future plans: Prepare and condition my body and mind to compete at JR. Nationals in 2018.

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Snowy DeCaen

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