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I did my first competition in July of 2017 in Redondo Beach. It was exactly one year and 2 months since I had my baby boy. Iíve always been involved with fitness. In high school I was a cheerleader, Iíve done ballroom and latin dancing for a while. Right after high school I joined the United States Marine Corps and served 8 years. I recently left active duty in November 2017. But anyway, after the birth of my son in May of 2016, my big focus was to lose the baby weight and get back into my Marine Corps height and weight standards and pass the physical fitness tests. After some consistency and hard work in the gym, I found that I was able to accomplish my goals pretty quickly. I also found that I really enjoyed my fitness journey and transforming my body. I was interested in seeing its full potential. Around April 2017 I decided to take some advice from a friend who competes and started training for a competition. On my first competition, I placed 2nd in NPC Novice and 6th in the Open division. From that moment I was hooked.

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Iím a pretty simple girl off season, my diet is normally around 2050- 3000 calories. I occasionally enjoy my pizza, sweets or burgers. But I keep things clean mostly. I wouldnít say I stick to any fad dieting. I just keep track of my macros and micros using the MyFitnessPal app on my phone and eat healthy. Green leafy vegetables included in my meals, fruits, lean meats, gluten free breads and pastas occasionally.
On my pre contest season my meals are just a little lighter. Only around 1/3-1/2 cup of heavy starches and carb cycling. I drop weight pretty quickly.

When I first started I was told to cut my carbs way before my competition started. Like 6-8 weeks out! That was a failure. I was starving and weak all the time. Iíve learned to respond to my body so much better since then.

Self-confidence: I practice. A lot. Iím in front the mirror so much going over my Posing routine it became muscle memory. And when the day comes, and youíre the most glamorous youíve ever been in a while, a surge of adrenaline and confidence just comes over you. At that point youíre ready. You want to show off. Youíve worked so hard!

I lift a lot. 5 Days a week and do a lot of cardio. Maybe like 5-6 days. Lots of stair-master and treadmill. While carb cycling, the days I burn the most calories, like leg days, are the days Iíll eat my heaviest meals. On Saturdays I like to go to a full body bootcamp class. Itís a fun workout and a break from the mundane.

This last competition was the first one where I was part of Team Edge. The whole experience was different for me. Having a coach and being part of a team was a relaxing and welcoming experience. My coach, Ingrid Romero is a perfectionist. She really helped me develop my posing and control the adrenaline on stage. Athlete Check Ins were so cute. We all have matching dresses like a uniform and we felt pretty united. Prejudging and finals were so smooth and coach went around like a mother making sure we were all feeling okay and everything went smoothly. Itís nice to have someone around like that. I Qualified for Nationals this show and Iím very excited about that. I feel very positive for the future.

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Being an athlete: Oh man... right now Iím an athlete, a mother to a toddler, a wife and a full time student. But if you really want to Place well in a contest, being an athlete takes the majority of effort. My key is finding balance. I include my son in mostly everything I do. He comes to the gym with me. He plays in the little day care there while I work out. He comes to bootcamp with me and tries to do the exercises. Itís really cute to watch. He spends time with me in the kitchen when I cook and we eat together all the time. I do my schoolwork during his nap times and movie times. My husband also competes with me so we spend a lot of time together training. Somehow it all just works out.

Well soon I plan to build my sponsorship portfolio and submit it to companies for sponsorships. I would like to make it to nationals in Las Vegas. Iíve finished a photoshoot with Jason Ellis and itís being submitted to a few magazines. My modeling career is slowly taking off but the whole process is so exciting. I am graduating with my certification in personal training from ISSA soon so Iíll be taking clients in a month or two.

Shevonne L. Gutierrez

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