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Iíve always been into fitness, doing aerobics classes etc. that turned into running, I ran for yrs. It was a lot of wear and tear on my knees and hips. I also just looked skinny, not fit! I had what I call a pancake butt.
I have a sister in law who looks amazing and had competed in a few bikini comp. When I turned 39 I decided it was time to change, and what better to motivate me than to plan on doing a bikini comp before I turned 40!

I went to a local well known training facility that specialize in competing in all areas, Pro Physiques! I signed up with the ďglute goddessĒ Deborah Goodman. She told me no more running at all, at this time I was running 6 days a week racking up 35-40 miles. Deb usually does macros, gives you the #s but I was 12 weeks out from the only comp before my 40th bday. So she gave me a detailed meal plan to follow!

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In those 12 weeks I gained 18lbs and felt sexier than I ever had in my life. When Iím in prep 6-8 weeks out from a show my meals are very specific, Iím usually at 150-165 grams of lean protein split up in 6 meals, carbs are 220 on high days (m,w,f) and 170 on low days fats vary from 30 gm to 55gm. This is pretty general, I have seen the best results leaning out on this diet. We make tweaks between every show depending on how Iím looking and feeling! I do get a cheat meal on Friday nights!

I have a hard time doing my own food to my #ís in contest prep, we cut a lot of artificials 3 weeks out, so protein shakes, bars, pre workouts! I donít cut any sodium until the day before show! I just find it easier having it laid out for me. Iím so consumed with. My training, going to posing etc itís nice not to think about macros.

I can honestly say I donít know if Iíve ever felt ready for stage, I always see areas I can improve on. My 1st show in Nov 2016 I entered Open, novice and masters 35+. I felt like I was bringing a good package to stage but didnít expect to do as well as I did. 1st in masters, 1st in novice and 3rd in Open! After that I was addicted! It was such a big accomplishment and I loved working towards a goal.

I continued to train hard which entailed mon and fri shoulders, 6-8 different workouts with 3-4 sets of 12-15 reps. Tues, thurs and sat is legs, broke up hamstrings and glutes, glutes and quads and ham and glutes again. Wednesday is back and a little biceps! I do a class called bootycamp which is a 45 min hiit workout incorporating plyoís and banded work and depending on how my body look and how close to a show we add or take always other hiit workouts. Those are 20 min on stair stepper doing 2 min level 8-10 1 min 13-15 until u hit your 20 min. Also treadmill walking for 10min incline 12 speed 3.8 try not to hold on to the treadmill, then 10 min walk at 4.0 for 2 min full sprint for 1 min and repeat till you reach a total of 20 min.

One of my fav shows was masters national in Pittsburgh! I was able to travel with my husband who also competed classic physique. Everyone was incredible nice, there was a sense of respect for each other! I attribute that to everyone being over 35, knowing we were moms, wifeís, we work etc and still find time to do this! Not many people can say they do what we do, we are a rare breed! My other fav show was doing North Americans also in Pittsburgh (6weeks after masters) this is where I placed 2nd in 35+ and won my pro card in 40+. This was my 6th show in only 8 months and my 2nd national show!

Being an athlete in this industry requires a lot of discipline and prioritizing! Iím very lucky my husband also competes so he understands the time it takes! My oldest daughter has competed in teen when she was 18 and my son who is 17 loves to workout and wants to compete. My youngest daughter (9) dances for a competition dance team and has 14 hrs a week of dance! We try to stay active and emphasize the importance of being healthy!

For my future Iím planning on doing my pro debut in early spring, not sure which show yet! Hoping to build up my glutes and hamstring as well as bigger shoulder caps!

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