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I was a competitive athlete for 15+ years of my life, so when that ended I still needed to fulfill my need to compete. Already being in the fitness industry it seemed only right to showcase the physique I had built through sports and take it to the stage!

Contest Prep

My off season diet is way more lenient than my pre- contest diet because when I'm on off season I'm trying to grow and work on the weaknesses that I see in myself. My pre-contest diet consists of a strict meal plan designed to do what my body needs specifically to look my best on stage. I have found that went I want to build muscle, carbs, protein shakes and maximizing the weight I lift works for me. Losing weight/ cutting on the other hand is when I add more cardio and more reps into my workouts. I start cutting down my carb intake and replace it with more lean proteins, I also make sure I'm eating 5-6 times a day with my gallon of water handy at all times.

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I haven't played around with a lot of different competition diets because I know what works for my body and I wouldn't want to chance not looking my best on stage. When it comes to competition diets I stick to the basics and follow a strict meal prep, therefore there is no way I can get back tracked by counting macros and things of that nature.

My training program consists of lifting weights focusing on one-two muscle groups a day. Building, strengthening and conditioning my muscles. I have about 3 days of cardio in my program to keep my cardiovascular endurance up. I don't believe it's about balancing. Training and diet are the two key factors in maintaining a healthy life style. You can't have one without the other.

On stage

Building self-confidence to walk on stage: Along with being an athlete all my life I was also a beauty pageant queen. At the age of 6 months old I was winning trophies taller than me. I believe my self confidence was embedded into my DNA. Although it is still nerve racking stepping on that bikini stage I have to talk myself up and keep my mind level. I also believe self confidence can be taught/learned as well. Women ask me all the time "Shelby how are you just so fear less in front of a large crowd?" my answer is "because I don't care what that crowd thinks of me, I know who I am, what I've been through and what I've worked for, they don't. That's why I will always stand tall with my head held high to the sky, that's what self confidence is all about not caring what others opinions are. People are either going to love or hate you either way they're still thinking about you.

I had a fun experience in my most recent competition. I met a lot of great people with a lot of potential. I am using this past competition as a learning lesson to know what I need to work on to make myself a better competitor.

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Being an athlete doesn't affect my life because it is my whole life. I chose this life style and being an athlete is what makes me happy. Yes being an athlete means I have to make sacrifices when I'm out with family or friends but it's always in my head that I have a goal that I will meet.

My future plans with competing and being in the fitness industry are limitless. I plan to continue to compete and better myself. I am starting confidence bootcamps for ladies that want to change their lifestyle and boost their confidence. I one day hope to take my fitness modeling to new and higher levels therefore I will be in more of a public eye to get my word a cross and help other people reach their personal goals!

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