Shandy Ortiz - IFBB Bikini Pro

Update after winning the 2017 IFBB Fort Lauderdale Cup and earning Olympia qualification
July 2017

Experiences and feelings from the contest

During athlete check inís it was nice to see familiar faces and welcome girls that havenít competed in Florida.
Pre judging was definitely exciting as I was in center of first call out however Iíve been there before and came in 2nd. Nothing is ever final until finals;)
Once I was announced as the IFBB Bikini Pro Champion I was just extremely grateful. It was absolutely a dream come true that I had been working towards with many setbacks.
The whole experience was amazing to say the least. The East Coast shows have a very welcome feeling with good vibes allowing you to relax and enjoy your hard work.

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Current Prep

This prep was actually very similar to my Orlando Pro prep. Training and cardio 5 days a week with one active rest day and one rest day. My diet was the same with my protein coming from lean meats and fish. My fats and carbs were slightly higher as that is what worked for my body. I train around both a shoulder and knee injury. That is definitely my biggest challenge however no excuse & not impossible.

Life as an athete

Being the type of athlete I am, it absolutely affects my whole life. In this sport we donít just show up for practice a few hours a day. From the time I wake up until I close my eyes I have to be dedicated and disciplined. That means measuring my food, water and supplements to the exact amount, getting in all training and cardio while ensuring to take care of my body with stretching, yoga, meditation, Epsom salt baths and massage therapy as well as making sure I get enough sleep to allow my body to repair and recover. It may mean there are times I can not go out with family or friends because of obligations to my prep. Iím lucky to be surrounded by those that believe in me and support my daily grind.

Future plans: I am currently prepping for the Olympia. I would like to compete Internationally and continue to work behind the scenes in the NPC Florida District.

I want to thank you for taking the time to do this interview.
I would also like to thank the IFBB for giving me this opportunity, Team Bombshell, Iron Religion gym, my sponsors CJ Elite, Glam Competition Jewelry, Elite 1 Fit Gear, my family, my friends and all who follow & support my journey.

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