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I consider myself a bodybuilder since 1990, but just in 2013 I started competing, since the first Arnold Classic South America in Rio de Janeiro. There was an open contest and I won. It was my first competition, so I went to Arnold Classic and was 2nd place (everybody saying: omg! you look like a professional bodybuilder!!!). After that I was state champion, Brazilian champion (twice) and South American champion. So I got my pro card in just 2 years!!!!

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I use in my off-season a diet rich in calories from protein, good fat, and carbohydrates. I do control the types of foods but not how much I eat.
In my pre contest diet I always use a variation of quantities of carbohydrates, each day have more or less carbohydrates, that is how my body speeds up the metabolism. I don't use to eat any fat and the protein is calculated according to my weight. I don't care about calories, I use just whole rice, oat meal, chicken and white eggs (3 months, it isn't funny lol). I've never use another diet plan, because I believe my way is the best for me. I don't like to risk myself.

A long time ago, I knew I had conditions for competing, but when I turned 40 I told myself: it's time!! It's now or never! Nowadays, I think I should have started earlier...I might have gone to Olympia...

I use to train with heavy weights, I never do cardio. I consider my training old school style. Doesn't matter if I eat less or more...I train heavy. But in this last year I had to find other techniques since I am 44 years old and although I'm feeling young, my body doesn't have the same performance. And then these new techniques are mixed with my old school training, and seem to work very well.

My last contest was my first in professional league IFBB. I went to Tampa (Florida) alone from Brazil (and I have some difficulties with the English). Well, I was terrified HAHAHAHAHA! I was thinking about my size. I am very short and I wasn't sure about my muscle volume. Everything was new for me, but I loved everything. When I got my body painted, everybody started telling me I was great. So I looked myself in the mirror and hadn't a doubt in my mind (whatever I do, doesn't matter what happens, I smile).
After 2 minutes on stage (I love being on stage) I was called to 1 callout, so I've already got my goal. The crowd's reaction and the judges' faces told me I was very good. And to complete, I won the best routine. It was a wonderful experience.

My plans to 2017 are come back to USA probably IFBB Chicago Pro and Tampa Pro, I want a place on Rising Phoenix show.

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