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Growing up, I always participated in sports from age 8-21/22. I played softball and basketball for a total of about 12-13 years. I played college softball and received many awards including basketball as well. Once I graduated from high school I knew I had wanted to pursue a career within the fitness industry. Once my college days were over I knew I had finally had the time to now focus on Bodybuilding. Ever since I started my IG and seeing these amazing BB females in sick shape I knew I wanted to do this. I fell in love with this sport and changed my lifestyle. I definitely continue to pursue this to hopefully become a Pro Sponsored Athlete.

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Diet off-season vs. pre-contest: Wow, Great Question. Now this I'm sure a lot of people would want to know, although in a sense this question can vary on people. Everyone's body is different and will react differently than others whereas some may see quick response to their bodies and others will take time to test their own bodies and figure out what diet/change they need. You need to test your own body and find out. That's what happened with me. I've had many trial and errors. Only You know your own body- No One Else Does- Remember That! Off-Season I'm a little more flexible with foods, have little more cheat meals than my usual in season prep because hey that's the only way to grow right? Off-Season I definitely lift a lot heavier. Once I get into Prep season I know that my body will soon eventually be weak and give out at times, that's why Off Season is actually more important focusing on building muscle and being smart with food portions as well. You don't want to overdue your body off season eating crazy because then once you get into prep-- now you gotta work hard for it to lose it.

Building self-confidence: One word, PRACTICE!! The more you practice over and over and over going in front of the mirror looking at yourself repeatedly-- You will feel comfortable on stage! I can't even begin to tell you how many people have come up to me asking me how do you feel so comfortable on stage and have that confidence? - PRACTICE!!!!

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Training: I listen to my body, I know my body very well and know how to prep for it. Lifting I go back and forth - some days I will lift extremely heavy less reps, other days I will lift very light more reps. You want to challenge your own body working different techniques and balancing them because if you keep lifting heavy less reps or vise versa over and over doing the same Motions and machines and what not. You won't see results and will take even longer time to build and see the results. The more you challenge yourself-- the quicker and better results you will get! Cardio- this honestly depends on my coach when he sees me for check ins , fasting days he will have me doing 30 or 40 or 45 min 6x a wk or 5x a wk and same with post cardio. My body can fluctuate at times so it all really depends.

Contest experience: Wow, this one I like, I did the Easterns in November of 2016 and knew coming into this show I was extremely nervous and anxious at the same time. This show was actually the biggest show I have ever competed than my previous show so I knew what I was in for. Athlete check ins was very overwhelming truthfully and seeing all these amazing athletes made me even more nervous lol but I knew I had to keep my head focused and say to myself- look how far you've come- Cant back down. Pre Judging I actually felt more comfortable and relaxed.

Seeing all these beautiful amazing athletes backstage and meeting them and sharing each others experience is what I call it "Bodybuilding Bond Family" you bond with such great people around you and make new friends and gives you such great motivation. I would truthfully say being backstage with all the athletes is the greatest memories I will never forget for this Bodybuilding Industry. Finals- this is where you actually start to get nervous- well personally for me because this is where it comes down to the wire for the awards. The crowd is more packed than it is for pre judge. So doing my finals routine for women's Physique I try and relax on stage w a big smile and always pretend like I'm practicing my routine at home- that's the only way to help me stay calm.

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Bodybuilding can be a full time job with everything you're doing like Time is invested in preparing meals, training, doing cardio, making sure you eating meals in time, posing, tanning etc. All these things come into play as being and wanting to be "COMMITTED". Here's the thing though. You gotta love it to enjoy doing all of this because then if you're not and complain too much this and that. Then this sport isn't really for you. Yes prepping for competition can take a big toll out of you and your body- Absolutely 1000%. Any of us competing athletes have been there and done it and knows the feeling of prep. But like I said YOU Gotta love it and enjoy it if that's what you want to do! To me I absolutely love it especially seeing the transformation. Bodybuilding is definitely my lifestyle and will always stick with me.

I will be competing East Coast October 21st 2017 and The Easterns November 11th 2017, to hopefully place 1st or 2nd and Head to Miami Nationals a week after the Easterns to try an attain my Pro Card and also to hopefully become a sponsored athlete. That is my goal. One day at a time!


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