Sarah Hipps - Figure Competitor

Sarah: I've always been an athlete, and after graduating George Mason University where I was a setter for the Women's Volleyball team, I took time off from training. I quickly realized that there was a part of me missing, and I joined a gym and began a routine and moving athletically once more. Some people at the gym suggested that I train to compete since I had a natural physique for it, and that led me to my first competition.

Diet off-season vs. pre-contest: My diet becomes tighter. I will go from having a treat or indulgence every 2-3 days, to every 6th day. Pre-contest is low carb, medium fat, high protein, and many small meals eating every 1.5-2 hours. Off-season, I do high protein, high fat, low carb, but let myself enjoy treats more often. I've found the fastest and best way for me to lose fat is to drop dense carbs and only eat fibrous, water soluble carbs like spinach, asparagus, broccoli. To stay lean but increase muscle, I inject more carbs throughout the day/week, but keep with HIIT so I'm not putting on fluff.

The only one I tried was heavy carb, heavy protein, low fat. While it was effective to an extent, my body wasn't a big fan of it. Finding an eating routine that makes you feel strong, capable, and lean is what matters. Every body is different. Mine doesn't process some vegetables the way someone else's would. If I want to put on muscle, it's a matter of adjusting incrementally but staying in the high high low (p,f,c) range for me. Small changes in my diet yield big results.

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Training: Lifting is my main thing, although over the past year I've become a huge resistance band and bodyweight advocate. I love to lift though, both isolated moves and heavy. My cardio is HIIT and running. I run 2.5 miles 2-3x a week. It is usually my way of trying to get outside and change my scenery, and break a sweat for 20 minutes. I LOVE HIIT, and routinely invent new HIIT routines for my clients and myself. I always eat before I lift, usually 1.5-1 hours out, and take my TopSpeed Nutrition pre-workout. I will increase carb intake pre and post workout if its a very heavy day. Otherwise, I just believe in having something solid in your stomach prior to lifting and then getting after it!

Building self-confidence: I don't know! haha I was nervous about it, but once I stepped out, something just took over. I think there has to be a knowledge, whether you brought your best package to stage or not, that there is nothing else you can do so it's time to just enjoy it. The fact that you're out there in a bikini is brave enough, so you sort of just need to tell yourself, "I'm about to blow everyone's mind! I look good. I am awesome!" and then strut! I believe that your walk and how you carry yourself wins a lot more attention than how you look or what you're dressed in.

I just felt really ready to get on stage and learn from the experience. I knew there would be a lot to take away from the day, so I paid attention to other people's warmup, eating, drinking, makeup, etc. I spoke to veterans about what they were eating and why. I was nervous once we were getting lined up for stage, but from being an athlete for so long, I looked at everyone with respect for their being there but also with the belief that I was going to win. After I got 2nd in Figure Open, I felt proud and ready to eat!

Future plans: Right now I'm focused on growing my online training business, My goal is to help anyone who wants to be healthier or learn more about fitness, find that you don't have to sacrifice your life to fit in healthy habits. I use #realisticfitness because I believe that your fitness goals should be huge but attainable. You can enjoy your pizza and have a night out with friends and not feel guilty. And for those who struggle at the gym, don't have time to join one, or can't afford a gym, I have training packages to get in awesome shape from the comfort of your own home. I believe so deeply in this business and love sharing it with everyone!


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