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Sara: When I was 20 years old I started working at a gym and fell in love with lifting. I would workout sometimes twice a day just because I enjoyed it so much. I was always curious about competing and when a close girlfriend of mine told me she was going to do a show, I decided to prep with her and in 2014 I did my first WBFF show. I started much later in life then most girls do, my first show I got on stage at 31 years old.

My first three shows I did my contest diet on my own. After I joined bikini boss I realized that I was depriving myself of proper nutrition. I now use whole foods and macros to track my diet during contest prep. Macros change depending on what stage of your prep you are in. If you are building you will tend to have more fats and carbs, more calories to help feed your muscles. When itís time to lean out slowly those calories and macros are cut so you lose the access fat. There is a huge difference in my regimens with prep and off season. When Iím training for a show Iím very strict with what I eat, you have to be in order to achieve the best results. Off season I stick to my macros during the week and then on the weekends Iím more lenient with what I eat and have some cheats. It really depends on what my goals are at the time, however it is important to be able to give your body a break from strict contest prep.

If you are lacking carbs, fats, or protein you can have a miserable prep. Youíre body needs full circle nutrition and if itís lacking something it needs, you can experience drastic mood swings and be exhausted. With each show I have done Iíve gained knowledge on how my body reacts to certain things. I can tell you what foods bloat me, and what I need to eat in order for me to lean out. You really need to pay attention to your body during all stages of show prep. If you donít, you can end up doing more harm than good in the long run.

Each show Iíve done Iíve slowly gained confidence on stage. The best advice I can give is practice, practice, practice. The more you do your walk and poses the more it will look natural on stage. There are also amazing people out there you can hire to help you with your routine. Another huge thing is, look at your stage photos. Buy the package, by looking though these photos you can really see what you need to do to improve next time you get on stage. Itís basically a play by play in photos of what you did while you were up there.

Depending on if you are in a build stage of your prep or leaning out everything differs. There is an insane science to it. The biggest advice I can give is; get a coach who knows what they are doing. You 100% need to trust this person and the process donít eat things youíre not supposed to and stick to the program. Not following what youíre given is not going to move you forward, this is where the dedication to the sport will be the most trying. Stick to it, itís worth it!

The whole show experience is just incredible. When I think about the moment I won my WBFF Pro card I still get chills and tear up. Standing up there, knowing all of your sacrifices and hard work has paid off is very overwhelming. Each time I get on stage itís more than just getting up there and having fun. Itís you showcasing months and months of hard work. I wish everyone could compete once in their life so they could experience what Iím referring too, itís just amazing.

My next goals are to build more muscle and do WBFF Worlds in Toronto 2017. Iím super excited to get back up on stage but I also want to give myself time to build more muscle. Between now and then I do plan to have smaller goals, photo shoots and get my PT certificate.

Sara Fadziewicz
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Sara Fadziewicz