Sandra Bradley - Strongwoman Competitor Q&A

February 2018

1. Thanks for taking the time to talk to me, Sandra. Can you tell us a little about your athletic history, before you started Strongwoman?

Before I started Strongwoman in 2014 I did crossfit for 2 years and also played American Football for 5 years as a Linebacker and Running back.

2. What do you enjoy most about Strongwoman and more broadly, what do you enjoy about lifting?

About Strongwoman I enjoy most that all the events are so versatile, unique and challenging. Like Pulling a huge truck or lifting big concrete stones onto high Platforms is a powerful and liberating feeling. I love to see how strong I can become and what my body is capable of doing. I love lifting and the self confidence it brings forward in myself.

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3. Best lifts (squat, bench, deadlift)?

My best main lifts are Squat 180kg/405lbs Bench 105kg/235lbs and Deadlift 220kg/484lbs.

4. What goes through your head before destroying a huge weight?

Before destroying a huge weight I visualize the lift itself and picture myself doing it. I usually talk to myself and tell myself that I can do this and that all that matters in this moment is to give it all I have.

5. What is your proudest moment in your sport? When (if ever) did you feel that you officially “made it?”

The proudest moment in my athletic career so far was qualifying for the official Worlds strongest woman competition and officially belonging to the strongest women in the world. I made it there twice already now in 2016 and 2017 and hope to achieve a podium position in the future.

6. What are some of your favorite lifts for building overall strength, besides the obvious ones?

My favorite lifts for overall strength are besides the classic Deadlift, the Yoke walk, atlas stone lifts and heavy front or side carries.

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7. How do you cope with a bad training day? Any tips?

Bad training days belong to the lifting journey like good training days. I try to look at those bad days as a learning experience and I will move forward from there. Not every day is the same but as long as I keep grinding and giving it all I have I will move forward.

8. In general, can you think of a tough moment for you as an athlete? In a competition? What has been one of your toughest moments? (Injury, rivalry, etc.)

My toughest moments as an Athlete were several injuries that I now know to see as an opportunity to work on weaknesses in other areas in the body and that it will just help me to come back even stronger.

9. What does your diet consist of?

My diet is pretty simple. I follow a meal plan by a nutritionist and mostly eat meat, fish, eggs, vegetables, rice, potatoes and some nuts and fruits.

10. What are some pieces of advice you have for athletes who may be interested in competing in strength sports, but don’t know where to start?

The best advice for athletes wanting to start in strength sport is pretty simple. Just do it. Dare to sign up for maybe a local competition around your area first and get into it. Every competition will give you experience in the sport and show you what you can work on. Don't wait to be strong first because then you will wait forever to be ready. And you will miss out on so much fun.

11. What activities/hobbies do you have outside your sport?

Outside my sport I love hiking, snowboarding and swimming. Although close to competitions those things are taboo. I will do recovery work like stretching and yoga during those times.

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12. What’s next?

My next Competition will be the Amateur World championships at the Arnold classic Ohio. Then Germany's strongest woman and Worlds strongest woman 2018.


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