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I began competing as way to gain confidence and have better body acceptance after being heavy during my early 20’s and having a mastectomy and reconstruction at 28. My initials goals were only to face my fears and to set and reach goals, never imagining when I started that I would end up receiving pro status as an IFBB fitness pro at my very first national show. I went on to compete in various professional level shows and most recently, won my first pro show at the Phoenix Europa, which was very redeeming after placing last place in the very same show the previous year. This win has qualified me to the 2017 Mr. Olympia in Las Vegas, which is one of the biggest honors an IFBB athlete can hope to achieve. I am hoping to receive an invitation to one of the various prestigious Arnold Classic Sports Festivals in 2017, which has been a dream and goal of my since I started following the sport of bodybuilding over a decade ago!

Contest Prep

I use a flexible dieting approach almost year around with 80% of my foods being “clean” whole and nutrient dense foods but flexible dieting allows for 20% being less restrictive foods. My coach manipulates my macronutrient breakdown based on my current goals and training program. During “peak week” or the week of a show is the exception and my coach gives me a very specific meal plan that is even down to the time I eat the meal because every meal carefully strategized to bring my best physique package possible to the stage. We have found that my body tends to respond better to a high protein and moderately high fat while lower carbohydrate diet.

Previously, I’ve tried the “clean eating” approach and followed a strict diet that only allowed certain foods and this approach didn't fail for me, as it prepared me for the stage but it was not a maintainable long term as it didn't allow for any flexibility in foods. I also found that higher carbohydrate diets with lower fat macros tend to give me lower energy and leave me hungrier and less satisfaction after eating.

I lift weights 4 times a week, I do HIIT cardio workouts 3 times a week, 2 steady state cardio workouts a week and practice my fitness routine or perform fitness routine skills 3 times a week. My diet adjusts for heavier training days and I have higher carbs and fats macro allowance these days.

On Stage

Oh my goodness, I STILL struggle with the confidence and get so nervous before I go onstage every time! But I practice my fitness routine and posing for the physique round starting very early in my prep and try to practice like I am actually on the stage so I have my movements very planned out and engrained in my body. This way, when I’m nervous, I can call upon my weeks of practice to carry me through! I also am trying to learn to soak up the experience because its truly such an honor to have the opportunity to be on the pro stage and out there with so many amazing athletes I’ve looked up to for so long.

I’m always nervous going into a show but this most recent competition, The Phoenix Europa, I was extra nervous for some unknown reason. But at the athlete check-in, I got to meet fitness pros I haven't had the opportunity to meet in person and reconnect with fitness sisters I've competed with in the past so once we all sat down together, I was lot less nervous! The fitness division is a close sisterhood and we all encourage each other so the shows are always fun backstage.

I loved meeting so many ladies from other countries! This year, with 12 fitness competitors, we had a such a fun vibe going into prejudging! But I was still so nervous and shaky, my coach actually made me go lie down in a corner and rest because I was starting to hold water with how fast my heart was racing with nerves. After calming down and chatting with the other ladies, I was much more composed by the time I hit the stage for prejudging and was so excited when I got first call outs! That was my first time being in a the top call out and they put me in the first or second spot, and I was so surprised! We came back the next day for finals which is where the pro fitness division really shines, as that’s when we do our routines!

All the girls were cheering each other on and helping with costumes and posing suits, it was so inspiring to be around so many talented and beautiful competitors! When they called me for first place, it was amazing to see and hear the crowds' reactions! I could see my husband and daughters in the audience and they were screaming and jumping up and down and I could see my coach in the audience crying with excitement! They made the win even sweeter by giving me another trophy for “best routine”! But I got so nervous when Bob Cicherillo came towards me with the microphone because public speaking is so so scary for me! I tried to answer his questions the best I could but I mostly laughed through his interview! Afterwards, I was swarmed by my friends and family and got tons of pictures taken with both trophies. It was such an amazing experience and I feel so blessed to have qualified for the Olympia!

My future plans are to work on my routine to increase the difficulty and choreograph a new and exciting routine, work on tightening up my physique and bring the best package I can to the 2017 season and to the Olympia in September. I will apply for the Arnold Classic and hope to be considered for an invite to one of the amazing sports festivals they host worldwide!

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