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Sabine: I always wanted to have a six pack since I was a teenager. After a hard time where I gained a lot of weight, I started doing sports again and in 2012 found my way back to the gym. After one year of hard work the first people started to ask me why I am doing this and why I don’t compete. I never thought about that before and first it seemed like a ridiculous idea that I could compete. But this started to happen more often and I started to research how this would work and what I would need to do. In February 2015 I decided that I want to try this and started searching for a coach. It took me two months and asking all my contacts to find one. But in July 2015 finally I started working with Jeanet Wolf from Team Shewolves. That’s how my adventure of competing begun.

In off-season I have a calorie surplus and in pre-contest I have a deficit. Before I worked with Jeanet I had a low-carb/high protein diet. Now it is more balanced and it is working far better then what I did before with the low-carb thing. By steadily reducing your calories and with 2g protein per kg bodyweight I am able in pre-contest to maintain my muscles and even gain power until close to the contest.

I am doing only weightlifting in off-season and a mix of weight lifting and cardio in contest prep. My focus is a lot on my legs and shoulders as these are the parts where I simply need more mass. I have four meals a day which are spitted into breakfast, lunch, dinner (also post-workout) and a “bed time” meal. For me that way I can best coordinate my job with training and eating. Meal prep on Sundays help me save time during the week.

I like my body and I work hard for it, so I like to show it. I was looking forward to present myself to an audience which understands the sport and likes the results you have as you do it good. Of course I was very nervous the first time when I was standing backstage and knew I would be the next to go on stage. But that was more the fear of blaming myself by falling over or walking into the wrong direction. But at my second time this was already gone and I was looking forward to show what I was working for so hard all the months.

My worst moment was on my first competition when the judges criticised my front pose during the Prejudging. I thought I could go home immediately and I felt ashamed that everybody in the hall could hear that I am not doing it as it was expected. Luckily my coach cheered me up, so that I gave everything at the T-Walk and still made the 6th place! At the beginning it is all a learning process and you need to keep yourself confident and willing to accept failure and weaknesses to be able to grow.

Next to the current building up of my own nutrition advice business, I am currently bulking to present the new best shape of my life on the Enercup 2016 in the Netherlands. My first goal is to get to Top 3 there, on a long term view I dream to become an international athlete!

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Sabine Greilich

Sabine Greilich