Roxanne Huff - Bikini Competitor

* 1st in Masters and 7th in the Open, 2017 NPC Jay Cutler Classic.

Growing up my dad was really into bodybuilding and working out, he built a gym in our basement and he and my brothers would always be working out to loud music down there. I always looked up to my older brother Mat and wanted to do everything he did, so I would try to join in and lift with the guys! My dad and brother were really great, they would take the time to show me different exercises and correct form. So I basically started lifting weights when I was 7 years old. It wasn't until later on in my life after the Bikini division was created in bodybuilding that I had thoughts of competing. Right before the start of my first prep I was in a freak Wake Boarding accident and fractured my right femur which put my goal of competing on hold for a few years. I slowly worked my way back into yoga and then the gym after my leg healed. It took a while! Every time I would be at the gym I thought of competing. Then after a lot of talking about it I decided it was time to jump into a prep, so I did! I trained myself with workouts and nutrition and got a posing coach and the rest is history.

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Nutrition wise, I eat really clean during my off season (not processed) so when it comes to my diet during prep the only thing that changes is cutting out diary and fruit. I'm an intuitive eater. For my first competition I lowered my carbs because I didn't know any better and figured that is what everyone else was doing so I should too. I came in too lean for that show and my muscles looked flat. My body does really well with carbs and I feel I look better not cutting them out at all. Lesson learned: just because something works for others doesn't mean it's going to work for you. Everyone's body is different.

During off season I lift anywhere from 4-6 days a week and limit my cardio to a warm up and cool down. I eat 80% clean and just consume more to help build muscle. I've never really been into junk food and I can't remember the last time I had fast food, but If my body is craving something like pizza or chocolate chip pancakes I'll eat it, which is every once in a while. I don't really have cheat days.
During a prep I lift 6 days a week and do HIIT cardio on the stair mill or treadmill 3-4 times a week. I've also added in plyometrics this last prep. My eating is super clean and I cook every meal I eat. I'm still playing around with what works best for my diet during a prep. What I do know is that having low or no carbs is not good for me! I train myself when it comes to dieting and workouts which can be challenging and fun at the same time. I'm learning so much through the process.

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The thought of going up on a stage strutting your stuff in a tiny bikini and high heels can be pretty intimidating! I'm naturally a pretty shy person around people I don't know so going up on stage made me a bit nervous at first. I'm pretty confident with my body but when it comes to posing in high heels I wasn't. I had a couple posing classes and had to practice a little bit every single day. You can have the best body in the world but if you can't pose the right way to show that to the judges it'll hurt you. I'm still am not 100% confident with my posing, something I will work on even more for my next competition.

My most recent competition was the Jay Cutler Classic in Boston a few weeks ago. It was a pretty big show and a very long day. Everything went really smoothly with check-ins. There is a lot of waiting around for pre-judging and finals but that's expected. I met some wonderful people there. I placed first in Masters and 7th in the Open, which I know I could've done better in.

Being an athlete gives me goals to work towards. Having goals and being motivated to achieve them makes me happy, I need them in my life! There are so many things that I can improve so it's a constant challenge and I'm always up for a good challenge.

Happy Fit Friyay! ?? I'll be taking a much needed rest day today. Looking forward to relaxing after work. It's been a long week. ?? #netflixandchill

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My future plans are to continue training clients via online and in person. I am getting certified in nutrition to combine it with my personal training because I think the two go hand in hand. I have a blog called ROX BODY FIT coming soon! It will be filled with exercises, healthy recipes, beauty tips and tricks, and options to work with me. As for my next competition I am leaning towards taking the Summer off and focusing on my work and doing a another competition this Fall.

If you're interested in working with me I can be reached at Instagram @roxbodyfit.

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