Roxanne Edwards - IFBB Pro Athlete, Personal Trainer

Author: Jonathan Landau, Models Observer
October 2015

1. Roxanne, how did you start to compete?

I started competing about 8mos after I started training. A guy at the gym approached me & told me I had the genetics to compete... Let's be clear, up to that point I had never seen a bodybuilding competition or even knew things like that existed. I was working out essentially to look good naked. Anyway, he talked me into it. Turns out he was competing in the same show. He trained me, taught me all the poses, created a posing routine for me to do, taught me how to tan, use Pro Tan & basically took me under his wing. Backstage, he taught me how to be, when to disrobe, & how to pump up. All that tutelage lead to me being in & winning my very bodybuilding competition.

2. Which contest has been your biggest success, which has had the most meaning to you?

If I had to pick one because every win is special to me because it's NEVER truly expected. I'd have to say winning the Nat'ls light heavy wt category, which earned me my pro card. The reason is simple, when I had started I never in my wildest dreams imagined being a pro ANYTHING in this sport. Especially, knowing where I came from physically. I am an ectomorph, aka a HARD gainer, & many people passed me up to work with easier physiques. I had to learn, who I was because of that, what I was willing & unwilling to do, & lastly discover, who I needed to be to make it happen...over time. I'm genuinely happy there were people, who thought I didn't have a snowball's chance in hell of turning pro, as well as I'm thankful for the people, who just as enthusiastically cheered on my every step. But MOST OF ALL I'm GRATEFUL to the scrawny women, who I used to be because of her I was able to do the IMPOSSIBLE & become POSSIBLE. Out of the corner of my eye I saw her standing in the wings when I got 1st place cheering me on... Moral of the story: BELIEVE in EVERY fiber of YOURSELF

3. What did you have to sacrifice to get so lean for a competition?

LMAO! TBH...Nothing. one of the perks of inhabiting this body is that it was built for speed. I have ALWAYS been blessed with an unnaturally fast metabolism, which until I truly learned how to manipulate it was as much curse as it was gift. NOW, that I understand what it is that I have. I've learned that my prep doesn't ever have to lend itself to standard bodybuilding law. In fact, my prep doesn't even look like I'm in prep. Except for the addition of cardio, I eat the same way in contest prep as I do in my off season.

4. Please describe your training routine

There is a very simplistic way to describe my training routine is like I'm coloring in a coloring book. I outline, the main shape (the muscle), w/a movement for size or mass, usually a compound movement & then for shading in or "coloring" the muscle, I would use unilateral & or shaping movements. I'm not a fan of doing things twice, so while I'm creating my muscle, I also try to sculpt or condition it @ the same time.

5. Which body part is your best in your opinion?

My abs & back.

Pure art. Roxanne Edwards.

6. How do you deal with the emotional struggles leading up to a bodybuilding competition?

First off I acknowledge at the start of every prep that it is going to be hard & more importantly that there will be things that will happen beyond my control. Things that are decidedly going to rock you because they happen when you LEAST need them to. Such as, the ceiling of my bathroom falling n2 my tub @ the beginning of one of my preps or my washing machine breaking during prep, & all I'm doing is creating dirty laundry @ an astonishing speed...

This is how I deal, I realize that those situations aren't a reason not to do what I'm supposed to do. Also, will being upset get me any closer to getting any of the things I have to do, done? Lastly, I chose this, so I EMBRACE everything about MY decision. BOTH the good & the bad & EVERYTHING in btwn. That said, it isn't prep if the shit doesn't hit the fan at least once or twice. All I can do is laugh & shake my head because it is part of the journey & it's how we handle the obstacles getting to the big day that define us, not necessarily the win but what did we overcome our obstacles to stand on that stage on that day.

7. Please share experiences and feelings from one of your recent contests.

Athlete Check-In is like a reunion of sorts. I look forward to running into old friends, & competitors I've connected with online either through Instagram or Facebook. I have a blast talking with everyone & most of all laughing, because what else is there to do at that time but laugh. The hard work is done, sitting there being intense or uptight isn't going to change what you did to get there, nor is it going to make someone else look bad. The ONLY person your behavior will effect is you, so you may as well enjoy the fun of it all.

Pre-judging I've learned to become detached, not to the point where I'm not going to do my job, but work on my presentation more & my stage presence. At the end of the day, I have no control over what the judges like or dislike. I can only be the best Roxanne I can be & know that I brought the best package I could on the day. Don't get me wrong EVERYONE of us would like to be in the 1st call out but the reality is, we won't. So, my time onstage isn't spent being hating my fellow competitor in effect it's spent trying to improve my performance & see if I can do things better the next time I'm onstage.

Finals That's party time if I'm in the top 10 or 15 it means I get to do a routine, which to me is always the fun part...even better when I actually HAVE a fully rehearsed routine & even if I don't, can create one in the moment? That's what makes it fun. It's knowing I am roughly 1min & 30secs away fr ending the show & going backstage or back to my room to celebrate the fact that I put another one in the can & now for at least the next few hrs be just a girl without worrying about waking up tomorrow and putting on my game face but just enjoying the friendships I've created & the laughter I'm sharing.

8. What is a typical day in your life like?

I wake up, walk my dogs, ck my social media. Feed the dogs, get my pre-workout & BCAAS in, eat my 1st meal, work on my calendar (see what's on my agenda for that day) Set my online clients up with their respective routines, try to get other online chores done (bills paid, orders made, etc). Start getting ready for work. At work, which is the majority of my day, eat my 1st snack, then train my early afternoon clients, lunch, then train myself. Have my 2nd snack for the day then back to work from 5:30p- 9p. Then home....walk the dogs, eat my last meal, ck up on my online clientele, shower, then try to play a video game or watch some t.v. & pass out by midnight...

9. How has bodybuilding changed your life?

It made more confident or confirmed why I felt so confident in the 1st place, lol. It made me respect myself more because I worked so hard to becoming the type of person that could endure the discipline this sport required, I refused to take shit off of anyone. I don't take moments or people for granted because in this sport things can change in a heartbeat one day you're at the top of your game and the next an injury could take you out the gym for a few days, wks or months.

In short bodybuilding made me acutely more human & more humane because I understand that we're all here for the same purpose to be happy. Therefore I treat others with dignity & respect because have been I groomed through the hard work this sport requires to learn that you only get dignity and respect by working hard and ea individual is fighting the hardest battle there is...LIFE. Therefore they deserve as much respect as they require for getting back up & back out there to fight the good fight. Basically bodybuilding taught me we are all one despite what the fight looks like because we ALL just want to be HAPPY.

10. Future plans?

Currently I'm training for next season & hopefully a birth in the Olympia.

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