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I started competing when I was 18 so I was actually in prep during my senior year of high school. I had always been active with sports but I really developed a passion for lifting on my own. I kept seeing people on Instagram do competitions and decided that that was going to be my goal.

I tried a meal plan for my first prep which went fine, but I now count macros and I really enjoy having the flexibility to enjoy a variety of foods every once-in-a-while. I try to stick to the same foods everyday though just because of my busy schedule and it helps keep me on track. When I come off of a competition, I usually will take a few days off from tracking and then I start my reverse diet which has been very effective.
When I did do a meal plan, I felt kind of restricted. I got sick of a lot of the foods that I ate and I also didnít see as much progress as I do with tracking macros.

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I lift 5-6 times a week, both a mix of heavy weight/low rep and lower weight/high rep. I also do a mix of both HIIT and steady state cardio. I do more steady state when the competition gets closer and a lot more HIIT during my off-season. I try to continue to train as hard as I can even when my macroís are a little lower.

The first show I did, I actually was not very confident at all. A little over a year later, I had found my place in college, which was of course at the campus rec gym. I begin to meet new and inspiring people that made me want to compete again. I had also become more independent and social which definitely helped me be more confident on stage.

My last competition I wasnít as nervous as my first few. I was actually just thrilled to be there and wanted to have fun on stage. The girls there were also all so nice that it really eased the nerves. Right when I get on stage, Iím pretty nervous at first. I usually warm up and get more comfortable and thatís when I get really confident and have fun.

Being an athlete, especially in college, can be pretty rough. Of course I still try to go out and have fun, but sometimes if I know itíll be hard for me to stay on track or if Iím to exhausted, then I wonít. I remember one time actually my friend asked me if I had F.O.M.O (Fear Of Missing Out). It definitely caught me off guard. I never worried about missing out on anything, mostly because I was busy thinking/working towards my goals.

I currently plan to continue competing. I have two shows I am looking at doing in the fall and then I plan to take a few months to reverse/build and then continue competing next year in the spring/summer. My goal is earn my IPE pro card and to compete in at least on NPC show.

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