Rosa Chan - Figure Competitor

I joined a gym in 2011 and my membership included few free training sessions with a personal trainer, who I ended up training with for a year. Before joining the gym I ran and did at-home workouts and was just focused on being skinny. As I fell in love with weight lifting and getting strong, I kept having people tell me that I should compete. After attending my trainer's first bodybuilding show in 2012, the desire to compete was planted, but I still did not have the confidence or readiness to do it. It wasn't until 2015 when my old trainer contacted me to tell me that the show I attended was now a pro-qualifier for the SNBF that I decided I was going to finally compete (plus it would be the last year I'd be able to step on stage in my twenties). I had planned on doing just one, just to say I did it! After having such a great experience at that show and placing 4th in my group, I was hooked. The positive energy at the shows I have done is amazing and I love meeting like-minded individuals.

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I feel like my confidence on stage is all an illusion because I feel like a butterfly-filled wreck everytime I step on stage. I attend posing seminars as often as I can and watch tons of YouTube posing tutorials, then practice practice practice on my own! Making friends at the shows helps me keep a smile on my face while I'm on stage because it makes me happy to be sharing the moment with the beautiful, sweet women I meet.

Since I am so new to competing I am still working on finding the perfect diet plan for me. I currently follow IIFYM (if it fits your macros/flexible dieting). During contest prep my diet will become more strict since I find it easier to meal prep when I limit my types of food. I will reduce my carbs and stick to oatmeal, sweet potatoes, and vegetables as my only sources of carbs. My protein intake goes up and my primary sources of protein will be cod, tuna, chicken breasts, and egg whites.

During my off-season my training is more focused on building strength, doing “the big three,” and setting Prs for myself. While on prep, I will start with doing cardio 3-4 times a week after weight training. As I get closer to contest time (2-3 months out) I will start adding in fasted morning cardio. My cardio sessions will last 25-45 minutes on the stairmaster, elliptical, or incline treadmill. Some days I will do HIIT after training instead of doing steady-state cardio. When I use machines for cardio I focus on keeping my heart rate up so that it is intense. My training split is quads, chest, back, hamstrings, and shoulders. Arm exercises get thrown in almost every day and I will do ab exercises every other day. I change things up pretty often so that my body doesn't adapt. During prep I will perform all exercises at a higher rep rate (15-30 depending on the exercise) often to failure, but use slightly lighter weights than usual.

At this point I have competed in 3 SNBF shows and one NPC show. I intend on doing another SNBF show this October. I hope to earn my Pro card in the SNBF and earn an overall win at an NPC show.


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