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Robyn: When I was a young girl I was always in the school theatrical plays, dancing singing and musical roles, also junior gymnastics also I was the one of the two fastest sprinting girls in my primary school. My family was middle class and my mum was a single parent struggling financially so my hobbies were unobtainable back then. I was tomboy always out playing on my bike playing in the forest climbing trees and getting many cuts and bruises along the way. As I hit my teens I was chosen for athletics, sprint shot put and rely. Soon after hormones and body started to change and things changed for me. PE lessons came to a halt and so did all other physical activities sadly. I suffered with terrible mastitis which is a condition with the hormones causing lumpiness and soreness in the breasts, I found it very embarrassing and excruciatingly painful with hospital appointments and scans included. As I got older and after pregnancy this condition seemed to ease off.

I have always modeled and worked out for many years, I qualified as a certified personal trainer and nutritionist in 2016. It was then I made a decision to compete bikini in 2016. I set a goal, my decision work towards a competition that was being held by NABBA Wales in May 2016 and I knew this was the one! Little did I realise that the competition category was toned figure not bikini. There was only one thing to do rightout? Train to fit the criteria for figure! I needed more back and lats, more muscle more abs, but this could be done I was willing to do whatever needed doing. I was always self taught/trained with nutrition and training with some tips advice along the way but mostly studying and trial and error with my own body.

I have tried many diet techniques such and flexible dieting, this is where you can eat pretty much what you like in moderation as long as it fits with your macros. This was month before my prep whilst I was building muscle before cutting. As I started my 12 week prep I started with carb cycling, I would have 2 high carb days a week (usually falling on my leg days as this would give me more strength and stamina to complete my workout. In the last 4 weeks is where I needed to lean out a little more and get my body fat percentage down as much as possible whilst still keeping as much muscle as possible. Here I used here was a low carb high protein diet. My protein sources mostly came from chicken, turkey, white fish and whey and my carbs were mostly sourced from green vegetables. I ate asparagus with almost every meal as this is a natural diuretic help with water retention.

I had worked very hard and I knew my physique was on point or at least the best it was going to be at just a few days out I was there, and I was ready. My posing solo routine was practiced and ready to be shown off to the judges and spectators. My 1st show was so close I was full of nerves but also excitement! I felt positive and I had set my screen saver on my phone of the trophy so it motivated me every day, I would see myself in my mind of coming home with a trophy! I wanted this so bad, more than anything!

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My training regime was pretty intense prior to the competition. My cardio was every morning fasted 20 minutes of body weight HIIT I am a big fan of HIIT training. Also abs every morning with weak point training on areas that needed improvement, such as quads and biceps. I would have split training every day bar Sunday I would rest. So for example Monday was back and legs, so after my am cardio I would hit my back for 1 hour, and evenings I would train my legs. I would use different techniques such as one session circuit style training with high reps limited rest, and others sessions would be super sets or drops sets to keep the workouts intense. I always meal prep as this helps you keep on track with your food and helps with tracking calories and macros. If I was out for the day my food would be with me in my cooler back so I could keep to my routine to eating my 6/8 meals a day. Lots of water also the last few week before the show my water intake was around 6/8 litres a day.

I was unsure if I would love the competition experience? I loved the training and the build up but as this was my first competition I had no idea what to expect. A little fear of the unknown was in my mind. I found it difficult to sleep the night before with nerves and excitement. My alarm was going at 6am and I was up to get myself ready to travel for an hour in the car. Show time was tan was on my suit was on….my makeup hair looked great I was pleased with my physique, I woke up super tight and feeling lean. We checked in...and had our numbers then waited to go back stage. Back stage was about touching up...pumping up chatting with the girls and getting ready to strut our stuff and show off our posing and our hard earned physiques. My mouth was so dry as the adrenalin kicked in...this was so intense.

I got out there and the pre judging went really well, I felt 100% more confident and relaxed for the night show and the pose down. It was time for the placing. As I stood at the back of the stage in line with all the other competitors 6th,5th,4th…...I couldn't believe it 3rd contestant number 41!! It was me! I felt elated I couldn't stop smiling. I was proud that I achieved 3rd place in my first show with no mentor or coach and only my own nutrition and programmes, what an incredible feeling. I definitely have the buzz for bodybuilding and competition life.

I am currently a personal trainer/ nutrition consultant with my own company offering online and 121 personal training. Also I will be competing again in November 2016 with a goal set for 1st place. Again I will work hard and on my weak points to achieve the best results possible.

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