Rhonda Car - Figure Competitor

My name is Rhonda I'm over 45 and have 3 amazing kids! I always have been a giver, even in my profession I care for the elderly in palliative care and on a dementia ward so about 5 yrs ago going through a very difficult divorce I decided to do something for me. I walked into GoodLife gym and requested the best trainer they had, and at that very moment I knew I just started my journey I met my trainer Emilio Ruiz Rois and I started working out 4 days a week.

My diet changed fast Emilio omitted all dairy, liquor, sugars. He set up my meal plan for every week. I would prep my foods every 3 days, all food was measured on a scale, I would eat 5 small meals a day. I have never failed at my meals prepping I never call it a diet I ate lots just not a lot of fats Coach Emilio has it to a science now.

My gym routine was laid out by my coach he would show me the proper way of using the equipment I would do lots of free weights cardio everyday about 30 min and closer to comp I would do hiit.

My confidence was next to nothing. When l was at gym with coach I would face my back to the mirror so l would not have to see myself and week by week Emilio would tell me look in mirror see your gains, and bit by bit I would slowly turn myself around it took almost a year lol. But l got there! Walking on stage is one of the scariest things I have done! You are allowing judges strangers seeing all your flaws! Fear is a monster it can stop you in your tracks so it was time to hug that monster.

Pre judging is so exciting, all your time and energy you put into your body is now ready for the judges to study and judge. I always compete in 3 categories judges always giggle I'm over 45 but l always enter the open and that's me standing side by side with 25-35 lol then l'm in master 35-45 then grandmaster 45-up love it.

Well I'm 7 weeks till provincials I would love to go to nationals but my most precious moments for me is me being someone's role model. I love to encourage women that it does not matter how old or how many Kids you have had it's never too late to love yourself. I love modelling for anyone that loves to shoot older women and l will keep being healthy and happy life it too short to have... could of! Should of! Would of's.

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