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I started my competition career after getting injured running marathons. At the time I was training for running races, I still did lift weights but not to the extent and intensity I did after concentrating on weightlifting only. I began strictly performing weightlifting training with varying intensity in order to maximize my muscle growth. I did this for a period of two years before I felt I was ready to compete in a competition. My first competition was in July 2016.

Contest Prep

First of all my diet is just based on a macro nutrient count, meaning I would eat a specific amount of protein, fat, carbs every day. My diet when entering into contest prep began as a very slow cut. I began with a moderate carb/fat, high-protein intake, with one re-feed every week (increasing carb intake). As I got further into my cart I started incorporating low-carb days where I would drop my carbs and increase fat slightly. This continued into my prop where I would increase the amount of low-carb days if needed based on fat loss.

Off-season diet is based on the same concept except when entering out of the competition diet you have to slowly increase your macro nutrient count in order to decrease the amount of fat gain. It's really important to give back your body calories after being in a deficit for so long. I did a reverse diet slowly into a maintenance diet where I found a good balance.

Calorie counting versus macronutrient counting was not very effective for me due to high protein being the main focus of macro nutrient counting. Specific diet plans but also eliminate foods were not very effective for me due to the fact that I did not enjoy my life by restricting so many different foods. If it fits your macros is definitely a way to reach your goals and still enjoy life along the way!

My training program involves a six-day split of lifting, hitting all body parts with the varying rep ranges, supersets, & intensity techniques. When I first started prep I did zero cardio, and then as it drew closer I added in high intensity training workouts for short bouts of time. And then as competition drew closer I added in steady state cardio to burn off the last bit of body fat. I would say that the H I IT training was definitely the most effective in dropping body fat fast.

On Stage

Well I don't think that anyone is ever ready to step on stage completely first of all. We all have a fear of rejection. When being judged by others for anything, but the thing that gave me the self-confidence to do it is knowing that I worked hard every single day towards my goal and that no matter what happened I was the best me that I could be because I knew the hard work that I put in. Also practice practice practice on posing also made going onstage just like a walk down the street.

At my last competition I was very nervous as it was my first competition but I felt that I was prepared. I had all of my meals with me and knew exactly what I was going to eat throughout the days especially while traveling to my competition so that went smoothly. Check in went well although I didn't realize with being dehydrated that I was shorter than normal due to the shrinkage in the joints. This was very funny to me! It actually put me in a different bracket. But I didn't let that scare me. They also made sure my suit was covering enough of my backside which I didn't realize was going to occur either but my suit held up to the inspection so that was a relief. The meeting before the competition seemed really unhelpful and more of a stressor than anything to try to get to the morning of the competition. Tanning went well besides I felt like I was way too dark and I forgot to shave my arms but they were so fine I did not think I had to you.

Backstage was interesting and was really hard to know when you were going to go on stage so you had to listen closely and also time getting oiled before going on stage. I do not have enough time to get my oil before stage time so my pre-judging appearance was not what I wanted it to be. My skin tone looked more splotchy than it should have. And oh boy they did not tell you you would have to wait in line so long on stage and move so much on stage through your posing. You definitely need to be comfortable in your heels as it was a long drawn out process. But I suppose with more competitions on your belt you get used to all these things and are ready for them. The night show was definitely fun and it was fun to be able to see all the other competitors. Especially knowing what each and every individual had to go through to get to the stage as well.

Being an athlete affects my whole life because it's not just a hobby it's a lifestyle. That being said I love every minute of it. It gives me something to strive for every day and feeling good is a bonus! For me once you form the habit of being an athlete it's just what you do. Regardless sometimes the diet and time commitment can get in the way of other things, there's definitely a balance and once you find that balance you can enjoy all aspects of life.

My future plans right now are trying to compete in figure as my last competition was bikini. My next competition is planned for August 2017. I am so excited to step on the stage in a different suit!

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