Rebekaah Kennedy - Figure Competitor

Background - I was a happily married woman who went through a terrible divorce leaving my son and I homeless for a short period while he was 8 months old. I was forced back into work as a house cleaner to make ends meet. I had to decide what I was going to with myself to support my son and I and I decided to become a personal trainer. I was already very much into fitness and taught and attended group classes. As much as I was exercising, I didn't feel as though my body looked as good as it could so I started lifting weights to try something different and I immediately loved it. My body responded well and this was the final push I needed to launch my career as a trainer. The more I got into it, the more I felt bodybuilding was right for me as I had created so much from what I already had. I decided to compete because I felt I needed a personal goal to achieve and firmly believe that it is not enough to be a trainer, you need to live the fitness lifestyle through example and experience. This doesn't mean everyone should be a bodybuilder but that all trainers practice what they teach.

My diet during off season is about 3000-3500 calories to bulk up. When I compete, over the course of 20 weeks, I slowly lower my intake to 2000-1800. The diet strategy I find most effective is carbohydrate cycling. I do not try to lose weight and build muscle at the same time. When I build, I am focused on staying satiated with good quality foods in a caloric excess so my body can really focus on growth and recovery from workouts. I keep my diet 80% clean and treat myself in a properly portioned, well timed manner to suit my goals. I am not afraid to put on a few extra pounds if it means I am improving and I know very well when it comes time to diet, my body will respond so much better because I didn't try to restrict my intake for a good amount of time. When I cut, I still use carb cycling but I also use intermittent fasting so I can push my calories to later in the day when I am resting and want them the most.

Not eating enough calories will always be a failure. As a trainer, I do help clients with their diet and 9 times out of 10 they are NOT eating enough calories to support muscular growth.

I train 5 days a week with weights, 3x I do moderate to light cardio and really focus on mobility and rolling. I work in a gym, I have 2 other gyms I attend so balancing this and my diet is relatively easy. I prep food for the day as I need it, I am self employed and live near work so I can often come home and make a meal but I never leave home without a scoop of protein, $5 and a can of tuna.

The stage part is a piece of cake. I love being on stage, always have. When you are out there, that is all there is left to do is strut. I enjoy every minute of my time on stage because that is the point. Everything you worked for is in that moment so you better work it!

My most recent competition, Knight of Champions 2016 was fantastic. I think it was well ran and I had a lovely time back stage making friends and getting people pumped to go on stage.

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I am going to compete again but not in the Figure category. I am taking 1 year off to build and grow and then will be on stage in 2018.

My contact details are:
Phone: 250-882-9079
Address: Forge Training 1059 Fort St. Victoria, B.C.

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