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First off in 2013 I started doing crossfit and training with my husband, not watching what I ate. In September of '13 I decided I had always dreamt of being an NPC figure competitor like my girl Nicole Wilkins. So I googled coaches in the Kansas City area and found my coach Molly Wichman IFBB fitness Pro. I only had 8 weeks to change my body and diet for first competition in November. It wasn't enough time and I wasn't lean enough but I learned a lot and placed 6th which I was proud about in novice.

So then in 2014 I decided to do 2 more competitions back to back, one in May and another in June. I placed 5th in novice and open at first and placed 3rd in novice and open at second competition that year. I wasn't happy not winning but knew I had made tremendous progress in learning to stay lean in offseason. So I took a year off and came back fierce in 2016! I won first in open figure at the San Antonio classic over 15 ladies.....went on to do second competition and didn't even place. Through this whole 4 years of competing I've learned how subjective this sport is, I brought a tighter, leaner package second show and judges said it was too lean. I just know it was my best!

My diet doesn't change much in offseason, I keep carbs high and fats low always as my body responds well to that. Once a week cheat meal keeps me maintaining, sometimes I go 10 days in between. My calories are around 1400-1600 for building, when cutting I eat 1200 still....this last competition I had kept low carb to long and before comp didn't have enough carbs for a good full look. We tried eating a stack of pancakes before and that didn't work for me. I have to have tons of rice, potatoes and bananas.

So during prep I do 30 min of fasted cardio in mornings daily, along with 5 days of weights. I keep HR up and do drop sets with super sets during prep. In offseason cardio is 4-5 days a week 30 min a day not fasted and 5 days doesn't change much. Diet is where it changes lol

Self confidence has actually been one of my downfalls. I've not always been athletic or in shape. I'm a mom and wife so I do day to day routine and forget identity in all that. My biggest help that has gotten me to overcome these fears is God! He is who my identity is through, not if I win or who sponsors me. I'm happy with knowing God finds me beautiful on the inside which makes me that more confident! It does take a certain level of arrogance to be in this sport but you have to stay humble.

Yes someone still has abs even 3 weeks post competition.....dedication and persistence is what drives this girl! #npcfigure #npcfigurecompetitor #rocksbuilt #rocksdiscountvitamins #teamrock #2017goals #fitmom #fitgirl #fitnessmodel #flexfitflourbluff #allmax #ALLMAXADDICT #ALLMAXNUTRITION #wontstop #progressnotperfection

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So after my last winning and then losing I felt like a loser. Totally didn't understand why it was and wanted to quit. It took me a week afterwards to get focused and keep grinding because I don't let things like that stop me. I know who I am in Christ! I am now sponsored by South Texas' biggest supplement company Rock's Discount Vitamins, Allmax wants me now and I'll be fully sponsored, a few other apparel lines and other companies sponsor me too. Winning hasn't defined me and losing won't stop me.

I have a huge photographer that wants me as model, so that is next! Photo shoot in June at the Europa in Dallas, TX!

I'm also undergoing breast augmentation surgery, in this industry you lose body fat so it's kind of a must for asymmetric purposes.

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