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A couple of years ago I have decided to live a healthier lifestyle and signed up for a gym membership. After some time I have noticed some significant changes in my body and started lifting-4-5 times a week. My friend told me ones, "You look great, you should try competing-it's fun.", and I did so.

Few months later after doing some research I have decided to give it a try, and competed in my first Wbff show, in April 2015. What a great experience it was. Lifting and healthy eating became my lifestyle since then. I have competed two more times that year, kept pushing and improving non stop. In 2016 I completed only once, and took quality over quantity, I also started working with Nathan Harewood for that show, and couldn't be happier with the final result.

I'm dieting not only while I'm preparing for a competition but offseason as well, so no dramatic changes in my diet overall, but if I'm craving something offseason I would allow myself to have it, once or maybe twice a week. My portions size isn't much different either, I do minimal cardio after every training offseason. I usually eat 5-6 times a day during contest prep and off season. With my competition prep comes a lot of cardio and a very strict diet. My diet on prep is changing weekly. During the prep I drink a lot of water, I also try to drink a lot of water offseason as well. I always weight my portions.

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I do believe it is very important to have a good contest prep coach as well as stage coach, because once surrounding yourself with educated professionals , you are taking a bit stress off your shoulders, also most of the coaches usually know what judges are looking for in certain categories. So my suggestion to those who want to step on stage and become a pro is to hire a prep and stage coach. I usually train four times a week, whole body training and different groups of muscles, I train legs 2-3 times a week.

I am really proud of how far I've come and once my abs are showing I'm always showing them off, I'm not ashamed to show off my body as well. Stage confidence came with my third show, when I realized, that I know a lot of competitors and judges, and I'm bringing a better package why stress over it? But still planning to work in future with Wbff stage coach to gain more confidence and learn more from the best.

My last competition was in July this year not only I placed first for the second time but I have also earned my pro status with Wbff. I couldn't believe it, I was working so hard for it, and there I was holding my pro card-such an amazing feeling. I'm very thankful to be able to work with Nathan Harewood, I have learned a lot from my last prep, and will continue learning and working with him in the future. I haven't decided on my next show yet, maybe LA Pro show in May.

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