Odalys Ferreira - IFBB Figure Pro

Update from Odalys after New York Pro and Pittsburgh Pro
May 2017

I have been able to do two shows, so far, as a Pro Figure Competitor. It is so exciting! I have been looking forward to this for a while and now Iím here. I canít wait to work hard and get on the Arnoldís and Olympia stage. During the Pittsburgh show, which was a two-day show, things took very long. Figure class was changed from going on first to going on last; so the unexpected change caused a problem in my scheduling. I wasnít adequately prepared for that sudden change but thank goodness my friends were with me and helped me get my foods and bands (back stage gear) from the hotel for back stage. Being that it was a two-day show it definitely was harder and more exhausting; which is probably why I enjoyed the N.Y. Pro show more. Yet this year, the N.Y. Pro show didnít move as fast as previous years. The check-in for both shows was fast and easy. The only difference that effects us athletes is when pre-judging is one day and night show on a different day.

Individuals at #nypro was not victory for olympia qualifications but still a big step ?? I was 1st call out and got 2nd place Im so happy. Hope to be able to compete soon.... definitly need great sponsors and an expense plan. This #fitmom is not quitting! #nypro2017 was step 1 ?? on my way up ???? I want to thank everyone who was there for me and for my team ?? hope to inspire many ?? #fitmoms #bodybuilding #motivation #inspiration #fitspiration #fitspo #coach #competitor #ifbbfigure #ifbbpro #ifbb #musculardevelopment #muscle #shelifts #shecandoboth #womenwholift #girlswithmuscles Thank you coach for support @aznpt Thank you @lorylush for beautiful suits from @dropdeadthreads_stagewear

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Prep during this comp was very similar to before. Steak everyday for my first two meals then other protein sources for last three. Then it went down to one steak meal and tilapia was added. As far as carbs, it was mostly white rice and yuca. Carbs were tapered down as time went by. So the beginning of prep is very easy and the re-feed meals were amazing. I didnít hold back this time. I was allowed to indulge in some greasy foods; and that I did. I had re-feeds every Saturday. I would plan my day and go out to eat some burgers and fries, steak and many carbs on the sides. My daughter definitely was enjoying our Saturday treat day! Training was just as tough as always. If anything, I had to try and stay heavier on shoulders more than before though out of the whole prep. I work out six times a week, which was the difference from last prep of only five times a week. I split my body parts back, legs/arms and chest/shoulderís and rotate with Sunday off or made Sunday a cardio day. Closer to comp, about 4-5 weeks out, we increased frequency of shoulders to Mon, Wed and Sat. For example, on a Mon. I will do back and shoulders. This helped deplete more muscle glycogen and keep intensity up for weight loss too. Overall, the preparation for this comp was just longer because it was two shows back to back, so obviously I was drained but coming in 10th at Pittsburgh I had to push as hard as possible to come in more conditioned for N.Y and I think I definitely did!

Working on a photo shoot during NY Pro.... had so much fun ???? #photographer @seannelsonphoto #fitnessmodel #nypro #photography #physique #fitmom #bodybuilding #ifbbfigure #ifbbpro #ifbb #figurecompetitor #shecandoboth #shelifts #womenwholift #womanwithmuscles #muscleissexy #muscle

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As a competitor, I feel like we all go through many obstacles especially during contest prep. There hasnít been one contest I have done yet without something happening to me, in regards to lack of support and lifeís normal stress factors. Also being a mom only makes this much harder on me. My daughter has her schedule that I have to work around, as well as being a personal trainer. I have clients who count on me to be there to train and motivate them. So my main challenge has been adequate sleep during contest prep; I donít think it will ever happen for me but I am definitely trying to sleep or at least keep legs up a little more. Although I have been through a lot I keep my head up high and try to stay focused. No sense in crying over spilled milk or being mad about something you canít change. My thoughts are positive and I keep striving for my goals to make my baby girl and myself happy. This competition prep I had a major life-changing event. It was the hardest for me emotionally because of personal things in my life that were occurring. I was officially doing this alone. Being a full time single mom and trying to not be selfish and keeping my child as a priority and then living an athletes life plus working, because competitions are so expensive and day to day life expenses overall, it made me want to quit! But I just couldnít quit, I can honestly say competing these past two shows in particular kept me sane and healthy after all I was going through this year. It helped me escape from other problems and allowed me to just zone in on my goals and on my daughterís life.

Honestly, being an athlete keeps me on my toes. It motivates me, it drives me, keeps me zoned on a task for myself. It teaches me how to keep order and structure, which as a mom I love as well because my daughter is just seeing me be so organized and on point and it shows her the dedication that is needed to accomplish our goals. It makes me a public figure which can put a little pressure on me because I donít want to be a failure or be a bad example for anyone; then again itís why I also love it because itís a positive circle that goes round and round. Being an athlete and being a mom is definitely a challenge and being a single mom is even more of a challenge; but it is making me stronger and my baby is beyond proud of me. On my instagram, you can tell my daughter is so proud of her mom and having her admire me is priceless.

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I want to keep competing. Itís so hard now being a Pro because we need to travel a lot. Not being sponsored makes this so much harder. Especially the fact I need my daughter to commute with me to my shows makes it more of a challenge and an additional expense. So I am hoping the gofundme page kicks off to reach my goal so that I am able to do a few more shows to get on that Arnold stage and to Olympia!

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