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After having my daughter right before becoming a personal trainer, I wanted to experiment with nutrition and weightlifting. I was already working out since I was 15 years old but I wanted to take my body to the extreme. I wanted to build muscle and become a lean mean fighting machine. That's the best exaggerated version of it. So my daughter was the kick start of it all. People kept asking me if I was planning to compete because I was very disciplined with nutrition and my weight lifting. Finally a friend of mine, Omar, coached me and guided my on a path to my new found love; bodybuilding. From there on I've met many mentors and I kept pushing myself. Finally, this past year I met my new coach, Leon Wong, who got me to win my pro card and this victory only has me more passionate and determined.
My mini bio on my blog to get more information on my path towards bodybuilding http://www.bodybyody.com/p/blog-page.html?m=1.

Figure class E winner and overall..... I am so happy I don't have much to write, just that I have a lot of work to do still! Not done yet this is just the begining! Will plan for what's next @aznpt ??#fitness #motivation #lifestyle #bodybuilding #girlswithmuscle #girlswholift #motivation #muscle #lean #transformation #bodybuilding #ibuiltthis #nostopping #fitspo #fitspiration #eastcoastmecca #musculardevelopment #bevsgym #northamericans #northamericans2016

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Off season is all about getting your body healthy and strong. I eat more balanced meals to help myself not only feel sane but feel healthy. I usually keep my meals clean but definitely incorporate the IIFYM life style as well so I can have my piece of cake if I want to. My calories can be anywhere from 2000-2300 cals off season. As pre contest comes in, calories start to decrease. IIFYM doesn't really apply anymore because I try to keep things as simple and repetitive as possible. I love order and being organized and bulk cooking. I basically eat 5 meals a day and will repeat those meals everyday and allow myself one "cheat" meal a week to not feel so deprived until I get closer to show date. Calories decrease slowly that way I don't lose too much muscle, nor be depleted too early on (leaves little wiggle room). So usually cutting carbs from meals slowly is key and easy way not to over think it. I'll have 4 meals carbs and one meal protein and fats and as the week goes on, I'll just cut a carb meal out and leave it protein and vegetables.

I honestly feel each time I've competed I brought in a pretty good package. I've tried carb cycling which I loved, I've also done protein vegetables with 1-2x a week refeeds. I think there are many ways to get to the same goal, it all depends how much time you give yourself. The only time I felt I didn't reach my goal was probably peek week when I front loaded with carbs and that had left me feeling less conditioned. As far as dieting, so far I've felt successful with all different variations. My favorite is probably the depletion then load days because it makes me enjoy food more and feel sane when I get a full day of carb loading and or my "cheat" meal.


For this competition my workouts stayed consistent. Obviously when you're eating more youíre stronger so the weights will be heavy. I tried keeping rep range 12-15 with 3 sets per exercise. My program looked like this:
Sunday: off
Monday: shoulder, chest, tricep
Tuesday: back, legs, bicep
Wednesday: shoulder, chest, tricep
Thursday: cardio/ abs
Friday: back, legs
Saturday: upper body touch up day/ cardio/abs

As far as cardio it started with 30 minutes a day, 4x a week. After that it would increase to 40 minutes then an hour up to 6x a week. It all depends how your body is responding and how my physique was looking. Calories unfortunately keep decreasing as I got closer and closer but my cardio was always steady state cardio. Trying to do HIIT training when you're depleted and not having carbs is definitely a no no in my opinion. Lifts always stayed high reps but as calories got lower, I would say last 4 weeks, 12 lb weights felt like 40lbs, so youíre weight lifting suffers, but itís all part of depleting.

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I love being on stage. I've done school talent shows since I was in elementary school. Iíve never been that shy girl, I love being in front of people especially once you've put hard work and dedication into your body. Why not feel confident and show it off? I love wearing my heels and getting glamorous. I feel like Miss America for one day.

I just competed at the 2016 IFBB North Americans and the experience was amazing and very organized. It was my favorite show so far. Everything was in order and on time. It was a one day show, which is great for the competitors. Check-in was smooth, I was in and out within 5 minutes. Prejuding went quickly and when I got first call outs it gave me butterflies. Finals was a tease, I knew I was in center so I did well, but they kept having us turn during comparisons so I started to worry and didn't think I was going home with my pro card. When they called me out as the winner I was so happy. Then when I also took home the overall win, I think my heart stopped for a second. I couldn't believe it, I almost broke down in tears, but kept thinking "makeup". This was an amazing organized show and winning it only made it better.

Future plans: My eyes are on Olympia stage. That is the ultimate goal. A mom to win Olympia! So my coach and I are discussing Pro shows. Try to win the show and get on Olympia stage.

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