Oana Marinescu - IFBB ELITE PRO Women's Physique (2018)

In 2017 I changed from figure to womenís physique category. I won my Elite PRO Card at Diamond Cup-Rome. I also placed 6th at World Masters Championship. After these, I changed to IFBB League, competed to Olympia San Marino, placed 2nd.

Changing the category to WPD did not change my training or diet approach, I still train hard and eat low carb adapted to progress. I rather have short but intense preps, not longer than 12-14 weeks, no cheat days. I know the importance of a cheat meal but I found out that I function better without. I rarely have difficult times dieting, mostly at night time, but I think from one contest to another it becomes easier...or I become stronger!
At the moment Iím in prep for Pro League qualifications, in April. For November, Wings of Strength, Bucharest. It will be in my city, so I will compete for sure!
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Oana Marinescu - Figure Competitor (2016)

My name is Marinescu Oana, I am from Bucharest, Romania.
My fitness journey started relatively late, around the age of 35 and my first contest was after only one year of training, it was a private contest in Romania, Tiger Classic. I placed 3-rd in the bikini category. After other 2 weeks I competed again and won the national title. Even if I was winning, I felt that bikini category was not for me and I wanted the figure, more muscular shape. That was the moment when the real deal started, I had to change my diet and my training routine to grow my muscles and to change my body.

I only had 4 months for that because I wanted to compete for the national title again, this time in the figure category. I won it.

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For that, my diet was very high in protein intake,1-1,5kg meat and 15-30egg whites/day. The carbs were low, mostly veggies. For me, the most effective diet is the low-carb one. And if something works I don't feel like changing it. In offseason is more relaxed, I increase carbs intake and I introduce healthy fats. And of course, every once in a while, a huge ice cream!

When it comes to step on the stage...well, I never feel ready, everytime my hands are shaking and I have the butterflies up to my neck! But the moment I am up there...I feel proud of me and my shape and that helps me walking like I'm the only one there, like everybody is there only to see me.

My training routine- heavy weights, 2-3 sets, 6-10reps/exercise. In offseason I have days off but during prep season, no days off and I also add cardio sessions daily.

My last contest was my best experience and the best lesson so far. Even though I only got to the semifinals, being on the stage of an European Championship, among the best athletes, after only 5 months of training, gave me the power to dream and the ambition to work harder for a better shape, for a better me.

Future plans...I am already working on it, growing my weak parts, improving my last shape, being better and better everytime and always working on that self-confidence and smile. It's a continuous process, always stay hungry for progress. I will compete again this winter and for sure I'll bring a better Oana on the stage.

Contact details:
E-mail: marinescu.oana.amalia@gmail.com
Facebook: Oana Marinescu
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/oana.amalia.m

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