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I've always been an athletic individual, but it wasn't until I went to my first bodybuilding show last year that I truly became fascinated with the world of competing and displaying a physique on stage. The sport had never really caught my attention, until I actually sat through it and watched how it was and all of the hard work that goes into it.

During prep, I am certainly more conscious of the amount of calories I'm intaking. Usually measuring my meals and restricting to certain foods. In off-season, I keep my meals healthy with more flexibility. Carb cycling works very well for me in both pre-contest dieting and off-season (I just eat more carbs on the off-season). Lifting heavier on higher carb days and doing less cardio/lighter work on low carb days. This has worked very well for me in growth and also cutting.

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Failed diet: Keto during competition prep was not successful for me just due to the fact that my body didn't respond well to higher fats and lower carbs during a deficit. The higher fats really didn't make up for my lower energy the way it does for some people, but I do still increase fats when my carbs are low, just not to the extreme.

I've always been pretty confident but it starts with self-love and positive reinforcement for yourself. You are your own worst critic, and it's important to believe in what you want to become and your ability to get there. That's where it starts. When you do that, you become proud of yourself and the self confidence comes with that.

During offseason, I incorporate powerlifting and power building into my training as I have the energy and calories to move heavier weight. This is where the bulk of my growth comes from. When cutting down, I keep reps high and weight light for mainly detail exercises.

Nerves are inevitable, no matter how many times you step on stage it's always a bit scary. But the more you do it, the more experience you have and the more it feels like you belong up there - you can relax. This past show I did, NPC Grand Prix was the most fun I've ever had at a show, made so many friends backstage and the vibes were very great and positive! This helped me perform better on stage

It's definitely a 24/7 commitment to this lifestyle. Sometimes that means sacrificing friendships and relationships from people who don't necessarily understand it or support it, but also comes with making new friends who DO :) I bring my meals everywhere I go. At work they call me the bag lady because I usually have my gym bag, ISObag cooler, and Waters to make sure I'm getting all of my meals in :)

The stage is my cloud nine. I feel absolutely amazing. No matter what happens tonight, I've already won ?? I love you guys so much. Thank you!!! ? . . . . . #TWalk #Figure #figurecompetitor #npc #inbf #wnbf #wpd #physique #bodybuilding #aesthetics #girlswholift #girlswithmuscle #fitness #motivation #dream #build #create

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I'd like to continue competing while also helping others reach their fitness goals through personal training and online coaching.

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