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When I was about 21 years old I decided to put myself through a book called the "women's body sculpting bible" it taught me how to count macros and plan work out regimens. I taught myself how to sculpt. While I was working at hi health I was told by some athletes that I should do a show. I always thought about one and never did one. Then I decided to invest in a coach and go after my dream.
I can say I have grown to become an amazing trainer over time because I had taken the time to read that book. I worked at hi health for 2-3 years and had to learn the book of nutritional healing. Not only for supplements but vitamins as well. I am full believer in taking vitamins and supplements. I have learned how other vitamins and supplements help each other. I am constantly educating myself. If I want to know something I will research it and watch several YouTube videos trying to understand it better or take a course on it. I have read books on mindsets, fasting diets, and exercise books. I have taken courses on fasted diets, budgeting on a diet, eating for performance, life coaching. Education is the key to becoming a successful trainer and athlete. Knowledge is power.

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I grew up as a kid always playing sports. I was in soccer for 5 years and basketball with my dad being my coach. I also took systematics, dance classes, gymnastics tumbling, competitive traveling cheer, track (sprinter), and volley ball camps. I was 14 years old I suffered from anorexia. Tried multiple diets when I was young and was insecure in high school. I had no idea what healthy was. I would work out at the gym for hours, walk everywhere, go to track practice and cheer. Then I'd maybe eat an apple for the day. High school was tough. Then I had dropped down to about 90 lbs and had gotten a scarce as I fainted after taking a hot shower and woke up with bruises all over my body.

I knew I had to see a doctor. So I confessed to my family what I had been doing to myself. The doctor had told me to eat more meals through out the day. That's when I learned how important it was to eat 6 meals a day and fuel my body. I did this for a few years. But then I faced another obstacle and was taking college courses (cosmetology school) while going to high school my senior year. I started picking on my body and was ashamed of it. (Even though I look back now and was like wow I looked great). I would not eat all day again and then have dinner and that was it. Then I got into a relationship and found someone who was super into taking care of themselves who enlightened me and helped me. So I started using this app called "lose it" to remind myself to eat through out the day and tracking calories so I didn't have to worry about putting on "fat" I actually had a weird phobia at the time and thought I would get fat if I wasn't perfect and enjoyed a sit down meal ever. So I like never went on dinner dates.

But I learned it was important to watch portions through out the day and fuel my body. I always was taking care of myself as I had to keep up with it. At the time I was working for Abercrombie from age 18-21 so it was important to maintain a nice figure.

Then after I had left and went to pursue my first career cosmetology I had gotten into modeling for my friends company to help promote him and that's the time I began the body sculpting bible I had talked about.

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My off season I'll experiment with more of a variety of foods that work for my body and enjoy going out to dinner once a week with friends and family. In the on season it's no cheat meals and a strict regimen of food. I carb cycle both on and off season. I just won't stop myself from enjoying a donut once a week if I want it in the off season. I believe in balance in the off season. Failed diet: High carb, my body doesn't like it. Everyone is different. My body does best off carb cycling.


I lift 6 days a week. Lots of legs for my body type. I do cardio before and after work outs. My diet is carb cycling. Honestly I can't express it being hard now that I've practiced this mindset for so many years. I've trained myself before where I was over training and reached major burn out. During this prep it's a lot more balanced. There is no over training. It's simple. I'm consistent and I have a positive relationship with myself and I'm at a great spot in my life which makes it easier. Mindset, support and consistency is what gets you there. I couldn't be happier this year to be working with great people who have and still do compete and have one competition as well. I could honestly say in my previous preps I did not have a support system and I was judged and looked at prep negatively.

I have an amazing supportive coach this year. I don't think I could of made it through with out him. Vincent hills has been not only a coach but a best friend and got me through the tough times before prep for easier. At the beginning I faced a dark time in my life, as my dad was in and out of the hospital for 3 months and lost 40 lbs. But nothing stopped me from pushing through what I had to do as in making every work out hitting every meal and taking care of him. I stay up till 2 am most nights to meal prep, wake up at 8 am, back to working out and then I train my clients again from 1 - 10 pm most days. I don't have any days off. I don't feel like I'm working. I love what I do so much. I feel like I'm just helping my fitness friends / family.

Recent contest

Self-confidence to compete: Honestly it came naturally the leaner I got. It wasn't something that I worked on. When I acknowledged that I could put my mind towards anything I want, it was a reminder and wake up call that I can do that with anything in I want in life. And learning to be proud of who I am. Nothing is more satisfying then accomplishing what you work hard for.

Well I was sponsored by hi health because I worked for them at that time so check in I felt excited. Prejudging I was excited and ready to nail it. Finals I did not place in top 5. So I can't say I was excited there. But I'm ready to take it home this year.

Life as an athlete

This is a tricky question. Well it has helped me grow to be an even stronger and more ambitious person then I already was before hand. It also has helped me become confident in my own skin. Being an athlete use to affect my life when I was prepped in a less balanced way where I couldn't have Time to do things and had to worry about hitting meals 3 at 2:15. This prep again is a lot more relaxed. So I am able to live my life and prep at the same time (no meal times). Some people will affect it positively and negatively but I've learned over time to not let others affect me. People's opinions are reflections of themselves and their daily lives. So I would say the only way it has affected me this year was positively by making me stronger mentally and finding peace and balance. Also happy to say I'm Not over training and listening to my body.

My goals are to make my Blondediary8 brand shirt and shakers take off. Become an independent trainer. Work on uploading YouTube videos to teach the world what I know and experienced to relate with everyone and inspire. I want to be an entrepreneur and change the world. Oh and become a millionaire so I can get my own place and travel across the world. Lol.

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