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From a young age I was always active, I was in a professional gymnastics squad growing up and then started dancing. Being in an environment where your physique was a priority I started to appreciate a more muscular look. Getting myself into a gym pretty early and looking up to fitness models rather than super models. I found many inspirational women some of who competed with the WBFF, so when the WBFF came to London for the first time I wanted to take part. Due to my short limbs (lol) and my training background I learnt to appreciate my more muscular shape and thought it was a great opportunity to see what I could achieve.

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Contest Prep

I really enjoy eating and like to keep a sociable lifestyle whether I am on prep or not. Off season I do not tend to be as accurate with tracking my food and use intuitive eating from time to time. So I would say the main change in my diet is that I am just a little more sociable and more relaxed, I still track and I still get in all my healthy foods I just do not count everything to each gram (for example a few more doughnuts here and there lol).

I have got to know myself very well and personally any short dramatic fat loss diet plans do not work well with my personality. I tend to work much better in a more relaxed and flexible state. Therefore I have found a coach who takes my preference into account and now I can say my diet has always worked well for me. Years and years ago I did try to cut certain foods out of my diet completely and again this left me feeling more deprived and craving more leading to more regular binges.

I always priorities weight training. I split my sessions up by 2 lower body sessions and 2 upper body sessions. When it comes to Cardio I like to do a little bit from time to time for the endorphins and for a chance to be alone with some good music and thoughts! When on prep my cardio is used as a tool, where it is increased or decreased depending on how my progress is.

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On Stage

To be honest strutting on stage is my least confident part of the whole experience, and I'm still working on it till this day. The most helpful thing I can say is making sure you are happy and proud of your physique when you get on the stage, this straight away boosts your confidence as you want to show off your hard work. Then practice practice practice your stage posing! My first show I didn't practice and didn't like being on stage my second it was so much more natural. Finally I would say having a few friends supporting you, I was lucky to have amazing family, friends and work colleges sending me lots of luck and love which took the pressure off and again relaxed me!

So the last time I competed I was in the Bikini Category, when I came off stage I was advised to enter the Fitness Category. I had no costume for the fitness category so it was all a little bit of a laugh trying to pull together a themed outfit out of no where. The costume team did an amazing job and I am not sure how but I had some kind of outfit! I also had to try and get pumped up to look a little different in the fitness category... so as my coach instructed I found myself eating 2 doughnuts, countless haribos and doing sit up galore before getting back on stage!!

Future plans: To continue promoting Women being strong and confident in the gym with through a brand and class me and my friend run called LOVE LIFT. Also to improve my physique for the WBFF WORLDS 2017!! Exciting!

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