Nelly Modest - Bikini Competitor

Miss Jamacia Overall Bikini Champion 2018
Ms Power Play Bikini 2nd place 17' 18'

After my transformation from chubby to slim, back in 2015, where I only did vast amount of cardio, even though I reached my goal weight, my body never looked sculpted, the way I thought it would. So I decide to try resistant training. That lead to numerous of ppl at my gym suggesting that I should compete. 2 years after, I did my first show (July 1st 2017) as a bikini fitness athlete, where I placed 2nd. That moment I knew that, it won't be my last show.

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3 days out, no tan applied, a lil bloated , body was still ainít fully , fulled out yet, especially my upper body. I trusted the process. And stuck with the plan. For those who understand periodization in bodybuilding competitions , would know how Focus one must be to maintain and even improve their physique with back to back peak weeks. Fueled by : @fitnessjunkiesja #bodybuilding #bodybuildingmotivation #gym #bodybuildinglifestyle #fitnessmotivation #bodybuildingnation #bodybuildingcom #motivation #fit #workout #bodybuildinglife #muscle #bodybuildingaddict #gymlife #bodybuilder #bodybuilding_motivation #fitfam #fitnessmodel #bodybuildingproblems #bodybuildingfood #fitnessaddict #instafit #training #bodybuildinggirl #bodybuildingwomen #bodybuildingmeal #bodybuildingdotcom #gymmotivation #bodybuildinglatino @bruceleetags

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This time around, I try to keep my meals similar, I eat more off the same foods in my off-season, few cheat meals a week, water intake stays the same, and I spend more down time with my friends and family at the movies, party etc. In terms of fat loss, my diet don't stay exactly the same, as my body composition changes so does my diet, there's always changes to be made to suit your body, but once you're consistent, there you would see great results.

I tried the "No Carbs". We often think that CARBS are our enemy, but it's actually our best friend, when consume properly. I remembered being on No CARBS for a very long time, I had zero energy at the gym, my muscles were always sore, and I wouldn't see any muscles gains, no matter how hard I work in the gym. After researching, I realize by taking out carbs from my diet, which is essential for muscle building and energy, halted my progress.

After working my butt off in the gym, and seeing my body changing drastically, I was super excited to show that off, I would often practice in my bikini in heels at the gym with other competitors for hrs, sometimes there would be other members of the gym looking on, so they became our little audience.

Lifting + Cardio - During off-season, cardio decreases from 5 days to 2 days per week. I lift 5-6 days a week. After training all I want to do is just EAT lol, that's why it's important to meal prep, cause there is always food at hand.

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WOW.....Nothing ever happens b4 it's time.."God's Plan", Thank u for all of the love and support. I promise, I am going to continue to learn and grow and also to inspire others. I would like to show appreciton ,to the behind the scenes persons , who played a major Role in my journey: My Number 1 Sponsor :@fitnessjunkiesja , came thru with all my supplemental needs. Posing Tutor:@stayc.ann.will , very patient and kind, I never missed one of her session. Gym: @fitfarmfitnessclub, where all my sweat and tears are buried. Also , congrats to all the competitors, we all overcome individual challenges. We did it don't stop here....#TeamNelly

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My last contest, during athletes check-in a day before the show, we all had to wear our stage attire to get our height checked, and also to make sure our bikinis fitted the contest criteria. We all got to see our competitors, which was a little nerve wrecking, because they all looked great, then n there I knew that the competition would be stiff. I became more anxious, I had a Massisve Adrenaline rush which lasted up until a day after the show. Fast forward to show day; prejudging, I surely got tested mentally. From past competitions, we know that being dead center or close to the center is a good thing. Which I always fell between. This time the judges had me at the end the whole time I was on stage, I got a little disappointed for a split second, but I continue to pose n smile, kept my stomach tight until we were told to exit the stage. The girls who were centered on stage had an early celebration backstage, I felt like crying, but I told myself to just be grateful and to enjoy every moment. Fast forward to finals, I was surprised to hear that I made top 6, and not only that, I placed 1st gaining my PRO CARD. I was in shock. Lol.

I knew I had to make some healthy lifestyles changes to be able to Stay in great shape. By leading by example, I've impacted and inspired a lot of people, which in turn motivates me. Also as a fitness Instructor, it attracts future potential clients.

Surely plan to make a mark in this sport as an IFBB ELITE PRO Bikini athlete. Also to keep on learning and inspiring others.


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