Natoshia Coleman - IFBB Bikini Pro

* Recent placing: 2nd, the 2017 IFBB Fort Lauderdale Cup

To be 100% honest, I began this journey to become stronger mentally and physically after a domestically violent relationship. I created a lot of unhealthy habits within the relationship and needed a change for the better. I had always been active and participated in sports in high school however, I wasn't the best athlete, I knew that. I admired the dedication and work ethic those athletes had.

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My offseason diet and prep contest diet stay relatively the same. The only real differences are my portion sizes and how frequently I fuel my body.

Effective diet: To be honest It changes from show to show. Depending on how lean I am or how use to the diet my body is. I stay mostly on a ketogentic diet because it works best with my body type and health concerns. I have the amount of muscle I want so at this point I'm not looking to build more muscle per say, I'm looking to shape and fine tune what I have currently. Ketogenic diets are not for everyone. If chosen, Its important to find and pay someone who's educated in that specific type of diet like any contest prep coach.

Failed diet: I've tried them all. It really depends on personal preference. Contest prep with any diet you chose in any division is difficult and takes the right mind set. It's not for everyone. The only reason a diet doesn't work is because you didn't follow it or your body doesn't respond to the specific type of foods you are eating. Just because something is "healthy" does not mean your body is going to accept it. Consistency on your part is key to seeing results.

I do cardio everyday and will lift a few days a week, mixing my splits up based on recovery. I'll take a rest day as need but they are never scheduled for me. I listen to my body more so than what is scheduled for the day. Training does not stop because of my diet nor does it slow down. As I get leaner it becomes more difficult and strength is lost somewhat but the motivation to push through it comes from within the individual.

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Building self-confidence: Practice Practice Practice. I have a background in stage performance with Disney and Performing Arts so understand that side of preparation. However, there was a lot of "failures", learning experiences, before success. Even as an IFBB Pro competitor, there is "failure". That's where you learn the most. Embrace it, it will come sooner or later. It doesn't change your value.

On stage: I'm always so excited to do a show especially when I've hit my small personal goals along the way. There is obviously the goal to win but that doesn't always happen. There will only be one. In this sport you create friendships and get to share stories with people from all walks of life. Those are the trophies competitors should be shooting for. At the Pro level, everyone is Gorgeous, everyone is in shape, everyone has killer posing so, what's left? Having fun with the girls and enjoying their company. We spend so much time getting to the stage and sacrifice so much as an athlete that when you get that girl time, it's important to cherish it. I try my best to do that every show. I have met some pretty incredible people.
Prejudging is probably the most nerve wracking because that is your one shot to show your BEST. Everyone is in the zone, as you should be. It's your one shot. Months of preparation goes into 45 seconds to a minute on stage and then 20 min on the side. Finals are just FUN, the mood is much more relaxed, a lot more chatter about food later and plans to get together after the show. I have the most fun at shows because it's not everyday I get all dolled up. I'm usually blacked out in my sweats with my headphones on full blast at 5am in the morning.

#whatspeciesareyou ?? When in doubt trust the process...we are #4daysout now and one thing is for sure, I have missed that stage ?? I can not wait to represent those who stand with me. They make this whole experience that much more sweet ??It's such a great feeling. Thank You for your support ?? #musclebymones #speciesnutrition @speciesnutrition #species #glamdoll #cjselite @getflawlesshair #getflawlesshair #shapeoftheday

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Life as an athlete: It affects what I allow it to affect. I have a full time job during the week, I enjoy going out with my girl friends, I enjoy not having to wake up for cardio at 5am somedays. When I'm prepping it's all about prepping. When there's no show in line there is balance.

I am currently done for the year. However, I will be making improvements for the 2018 season. Stay tuned.

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