Nathalie Falk - German Bodybuilder

Author: Jonathan.L - owner Models Observer
October 2012

1. Nathalie, how are you? Thanks for joining me.

Nathalie Falk: Hi Jonathan, I am fine but a little hungry, because I only have 2 weeks out to my 2nd Pro Show, but I am ready to rumble. Thanks for your interest in me!

2. So, what first got you interested in bodybuilding?

Nathalie Falk.

Nathalie Falk: One upon a time I saw a picture of Cory Everson and later of the German Bodybuilder Anja Langer. I was overwhelmed of their bodies and WANTED that incredible, muscular but feminine body too. So I began to train in a gym.

3. Would you share your competition history and upcoming plans?

Nathalie Falk: My first competition was 2002 and I directly got German Champion.
2004 I competed at the European Championship and reached the finals with the 5th place.
2005 I got Vice World Champion.
2009 I competed again at the European Championship with the 4th place.
2010 I competed at the Arnold Classics with the 3rd place and get 2 times German Champion in the bodybuilding class and Mixed Pairs.
2011 I reached the 6th place at the Arnold Classic Europe.
2012 I got the Pro Card in the new built physique class and competed at the New York Pro Championship with the best 16th place.

As I mentioned before I am preparing now for my 2nd Pro Show the Titanís Pro Grand Prix in Culver City. By the way, I hope that the physique class will be part of the Ms. Olympia next year! That would be an awesome goal.

4. What do you enjoy about being a bodybuilder?

Nathalie Falk: I like that way of life... I take care of my body and my food and always try to give the best!

5. What sacrifices have you made to follow this path?

Nathalie Falk: Well, sometimes I had to be selfish to follow my goals, but I always try to represent a disciplined athlete who takes care of others emotions and feelings, in partnership, family and with friends. But sometimes I failed, and it is possible to lose someone then...

6. Tell me about your diet during off-season and contest (meals, calories...)?

Nathalie Falk: I always take care of my food, off-season and contest. I always want to be in good shape for my sponsor and Expos. The only difference is, that I eat more of the food off-season. I eat chicken, eggs, salads, fruits and my loved Whey Isolate with chocolate taste of my sponsor OLIMP SUPPLEMENTS, but I donít eat a lot of carbs, only some rice. One day at the weekend is "All you can eat day".

7. Make us envy - best lifts and the most reps (squat, bench, deadlift)?

Nathalie Falk: Squat: 150kg, 1 rep
Bench: 100kg, 1 rep
Deadlift: 180kg

8. How does the last day before a contest look like for you?

Nathalie Falk: Itís a heavenly day, because I began to eat carbs :) Further on I make the tan and relax for the contest. I always canít wait to smell the air of stage...

9. Favorite food after a contest?

Nathalie Falk: Thatís easy!! Pizza and ice cream.

10. You are 42 years old and look like you are 22. What's the secret? Is bodybuilding the source of youth and beauty?

Nathalie Falk: Oh wow thanks a lot, what a great compliment! Yes, I always ask my mother, if she is sure (winks). In my case itís true! As I mentioned I always take care of my food and train my body. I think that way of Bodybuilding Life is healthy, yes! By the way I am very happy, too and I enjoy my life!

11. A vision of heaven, ripped to perfection, love those sexy veins, the thickness of her arm muscles is just divine - are just a few of the comments posted by your fans. Do you feel you've challenged the perception of female's body? If so, how?

Nathalie Falk: I really donít know... Itís overwhelming to read such things of fans. My fans are very important for me. They support me a lot. Thanks for that! I always tried to create a perfect body and it still goes on...

12. As a personal trainer, how do you define goals for your clients in your gym?

Nathalie Falk: When I prepare athletes for competition or do my personal training I speak honestly to them! You have to work very hard to reach your goals... itís not easy, but together we can do it!

13. Do you think the fitness industry a recession resistant market (Doesnít suffer from economic slowdown)? Why?

Nathalie Falk: I recognize that fitness, health and all these themes are growing, but you have to bring good quality and someone behind your ideas, someone who is honest and burns for his job! The Fibo Expo is growing more and more. That is a hint.

14. Marcus Aurelius, the Roman emperor, is quoted to have said that "The art of living is more like wrestling than dancing." What do you think?

Nathalie Falk: Very true! Life is hard and sometimes not easy. You have to wrestle for all you want to reach, thatís kind of sad but true! In my whole life I always have to fight for my goals!

15. What is a typical day in the life of Nathalie Falk like?

Nathalie Falk: Wake up at 07:00, do my cardio.
Then I check my mails and communicate with fans.
After that I am with my athletes and clients.
I have a big farm, that wants to be clean!
In the evening I do my training and at 00:00 I go to sleep.

16. How do you spend your leisure time?

Nathalie Falk: I like to go out with friends and I travel a lot. This year I already travelled in 6 countries.

17. Finally, do you have any final words to the people out there?

Nathalie Falk: I want to say thank you for the great support of my fans! I thank you for your interest in me and last but not least I feel very honoured to be part of the incredible OLIMP TEAM. And please... keep your fingers crossed for me for the Titanís Show in 2 weeks. Itís my birthday and I hope that brings luck for me!
Hugs for all of you, Nathalie.

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