Natasha Mullins - Figure Competitor

In high school I was pretty toned and fit and then adult life happens and I gained a lot of weight. I had some friends that did bodybuilding so I said why not try it and I picked a show and stared planning. I started competing last year in 2017. My first show I chose was NPC Tim Gardner Extravaganza.

My off season diet is still at times very hard to keep up with. I still eat 5-6times a day high protein low carbs don’t forget your vitamins. I tried a competition diet and workout plan that didn't change for 12 weeks. I was putting in the work but my body didn't change at all. I found a new coach and everything changed for the better. I felt better and even looked better.

Natasha Mullins

Finding the self-confidence to get up stage came easy. I was a hip hop dancer in high school so being in front of people comes easy. I always say to myself before walking out “I worked hard for my body and it is time to show”.

My workout are mostly super sets, time over tension, booty camp class, and cardio. I work out 5-6 times.

My most recent experience was again at NPC Tim Gardner Extravaganza at finals, it was show time and I was like this is what the past 13 weeks was for and I hit the stage and the light and crowd felt amazing.

Being an athlete is one of the most rewarding experiences, being able to transform my body and show other people that it can be done with hard work and dedication.

My future plans are to continue to complete and continue training and get my pro card. I plan to do multiple shows next year


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