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My love for the sport began when I was 16 years old. My high school held bodybuilding competitions that I competed in my junior and senior year. I won the title of "Miss Cougar" my senior year of high school. During my last semester of college, I decided to give competing another shot. I competed and won first place in my first competition as a bikini competitor. From that day on I knew I had a future in this sport and really wanted to live out my full potential.

In the off season, I eat the same nutrient dense foods, 6 meals a day, but in larger quantities. I also indulge a lot more, sometimes more than I should. In season, I eat 6 meals a day as well. I follow the meal plan I am given 100%. As far as calories are concerned, it changes each prep and really depends on how I am looking. I will say that my diet does contain a wider variety than the typical diet plans you see out there. I eat healthy fats, fruits, proteins, carbs, and vegetables throughout my entire prep and find that that works best for me.
During one prep I was working with a coach who did not allow me to have any fats, no fruits, minimal carbs and cardio was excessive. This plan failed, because every weekend I went out to dinner and had to start my prep over again every Monday. I chuckle right now thinking about it. Plans such as these do not work and can be harmful to the mind and body. Your body needs a variety of foods to function well.

Training varies depending on how close or far out from a show I am. However, one thing that remains the same is a 5-6 day split, working a different muscle group each day, followed by cardio 20-40 minutes a day. I am currently working on getting my cardio even lower. Ideally I would like to not have to do cardio everyday, however this all depends on how well I follow my off season plans.

I was in theater 4 years in high school and 2 years in college so I had a lot of practice on stage. Most Bodybuilding shows are in high school auditoriums so I feel right at home.

My last time posing as an amateur. I absolutely loved this stage. Everything was so lit up????Time to start polishing a routine for my pro debut ?????? I can't wait to really start strutting and showing off my personality on the stage. Goodbye 10 seconds ??

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Being one of the first to ever receive their Pro card at the Olympia Amateur contest September 14th in Vegas, was such a great experience. I made history! I had so much fun on stage and can not wait for what's in store.

Being an athlete: My entire life is different. Being an athlete challenges me everyday. It is something that never ends after I clock out. I am an athlete 24/7 so I am constantly striving to be the best version of myself. As an athlete I train, I cook, I eat healthy, I travel to compete and I am seen as a role model in my community. This keeps me motivated, because I know that I make an impact in other peoples lives which only fuels my fire to perform better. I love it!

I am currently prepping for my pro debut. My next goal is to qualify for the Olympia and be invited to compete at the Arnold.


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