Monica Martin - IFBB Pro athlete/Fitness Model

Author: Jonathan.L - owner Models Observer
November 2015

1. Hi Monica, how are you?

Doing great and happy to be back on Models Observer.

2. So, is bodybuilding an art or science?

I would say itís a combination of both. To be a successful bodybuilder requires good genetics first, self learn your body, discipline, and an keen artistic eye to sculpt your body symmetrically.

3. What do you look for in photographers that you would do trade with?

Professionalism, and photographer has to be an artist not just a guy with cameraÖ Photographer needs to be creative, talented and have technical skills. Photography is not all about having the best equipment, tools, and software. Itís important knowing how to use them all correctly. If the photographer has all those qualities above itís a no brainer.

4. When you're modeling, how much are you involved in choosing the locations, costumes and body positions? For example, your beautiful photos taken by George Kontaxis.

Iím on the top of my game 100% involved. I produce all my photo shoots from the make-up, hair style, costume choices, body posing and locations. In order to be a good fitness model it is important to be self sufficient. If happens to not have an makeup artist or somebody to do your hair at the spot you have to know what to do.
Also you should study yourself in front of the mirror to know how to pose in front of the camera in order to maximize your looks. This saves the photographer time trying to give you directions thus making the photo shoot flow quickly and efficiently.

5. From all the places you've visited so far, which are the ones that impressed you the most?

Of the most impressive places I been; I would say historical Rome, Italy. For its landscape Page, AZ, here in US. Rome is the beginning of civilization. Ancient Roman history and art always inspired me and fascinated me from an early age.
I have Roman blood, my grandfather was born there. Page, AZ has one of most breathtaking and unique landscapes I ever seen. Its unique rock formations with a fantastic hue of colors. These kind of rock formations happen only in AZ and canít be seen in anywhere else in the world. The Antelope Canyons and Horseshoe Bend are an amazing sight to see. You feel how vast, majestic and powerful nature is. It makes you feel like a grain of sand compared to it. It is a place to contemplate and meditate.
Unfortunately, I never had a chance to shoot in both places, I went on both for vacation.
From the places I shot in US my favorite is Malibu, California.

6. Your flawless body makes me wonder if men are the stronger sex. What's your opinion?

Thanks for your compliment, I donít believe is there a stronger sex. What makes you stronger is your mind, it doesnít matter your gender.

7. Your last contest was in 2012 at the Chicago Pro, do you miss the stage and if you could, would you get back up there one more time?

My last contest in 2012 was a last minute decision. I was not sure about the criteria for Physique. So I contacted one of the judges, and he told me that my legs were too big and I should get them smooth not so ripped. Overall he said I was still looking like a bodybuilder to compete in Physique and I should tone down. So I did a month cardio for 1 hour twice a day and high reps workout and stopped training legs a month before the show.
I shouldnít listened to him and just kept my regular workout. I should have waited longer to enter another contest later. This would have given me extra weeks to do more diet and get ripped as I always been when competing in bodybuilding. Oh well it was fun to step again on stage. I did it for me and for my fans, but I wasnít in my top shape but not in bad shape either, I never disappoint so :) If I have desire to compete again? I donít think so, since it requires so much time from my busy schedule, all time and money you have to invest and almost nothing in returnÖ Plus all the politics, I donít think it worth my time anymore, I already achieved my goal. It was to become a pro and to be known as one of the best of the world. I also think the federation should treat us athletes the way we deserve. WE ARE THE STARS and all the money they makes come from us. They exist because of us, so we should get much more in return not be exploited.
But if I decide to go back one more time I would need a sponsor. I would choose to compete for another federation such WBFF, this looks way more fun and glamorous. It has better exposure. It seems they have much more respect and value for the athletes.

Monica Martin

Monica Martin. Photo courtesy of George Kontaxis.

8. Please tell me about your new cats. What do they love to play with?

My new cats Shadow & Sparkly are lovely, they still babies now - 8 months. I got them because my previously cat passed way and it made me really sad. I couldnít stop to crying and thinking of herÖ They are lotís of fun, with their little own personalities. Their favorite toy is a plush worm. Itís attached to an invisible cord and very soft and colorful so I trow it all over the place and slide in the floor they jump and run to catch and play with it. It's funny to see. They are my joy when I return home, they are always close to me and sleep in my bed of course.

9. Are people surprised by your sensitivity and kindness, because you are such a strong woman who embodies so much power?

Because my body and intimidating looks some people can get surprised with my personality. Iím a very emotional and compassionate person. I love to help others. I really believe in the law of attraction, if your good to others and treat people nicely good things will come your way.
Iím a good daughter. I love my mother. I am also a blood donor for couple years now. It makes me feel good to know that I can save lives by doing that.
Well, we shouldnít judge the book by itís cover.

10. What is your favorite motto to live by?

ďChallenge yourself!Ē
Challenging myself daily helps me to succeed in all areas of my life.
Only those who risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.
It helps me to keep raising the bar higher and break out of comfort zones.
Challenging yourself is good training for dealing with lifeís unexpected challenges, no matter if bad or good ones you will be prepared if you do that.
Challenge myself makes me more creative and to feel alive.

11. Please describe a typical day in your life.

My day starts with a deep breath and thanking God for who Iím and for everything that I have. Then a nice cup of espresso or two, just depends in how intense it will beÖ LOL I try my best to make everyday of my life special and for the people surrounding me.

12. Future plans?

As the years comes as most I will keep trying to slowdown the process. Eventually my external beauty will fade, but my inner beauty never will.
Iím sure life will teach me to be comfortable in my own skin. I not anxious, worried or concerned about what the future brings. I'm happy with what I have now and living the life I live and being who I'm.
All I care about is staying healthy, being in good shape physically and mentally. This will allow me to keep on my journey bringing light, joy and inspiration for the others.

Thank you!

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Monica Martin

Monica Martin

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