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Without question, when the word Bodybuilding is mentioned, Monica Martin's name is not too far behind. A world's famous professional bodybuilder, South American Champion, Monica is well known for wearing unique outfits during her routines and her sensuality gathers more and more fans to her webcam. I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to sit down with the exotic muscles queen and delve deep into her thoughts on bodybuilding, training, diet and life in general.

Author: Jonathan.L - owner Models Observer
June 2008

* Monica, how are you? Thanks for joining me!

Monica Martin: I'm doing great, is a pleasure to be here with you talking about my journey in bodybuilding.

* So, why did you begin bodybuilding as a teenager? What was your first goal when you started lifting weights?

Monica Martin: I always wanted to be muscular since as a kid. I was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil but my family's background is all European. I'm the only child, I grew up in between adults, my mom is an artist, she is living in Brazil still, she also was a Industrial Designer, my father passed way, he was a Journalist, writer and translator, both were cool and open minded always supportive to me.

As a kid I was very skinny with skinny legs. My calves used to be bigger than my legs, my dream was to look like the super heroes of the comic books. I had asthma when I was little so the Doc told my mom I should practice sports, I practiced ballet, martial arts, bicycling and also gymnastics, all those sports contributed to give me basis and to build me up symmetrically. At 16y I had a very nice body, at this age I started to lift weights, I was invited for a couple of friends, the guy was a bodybuilder and he opened a gym in a big house in the city I used to live, Santos. It was a hardcore gym, his girlfriend and I were the only girls training there, but she was not there often because she had to do classes, she was a aerobic teacher in his gym also, but I became very dedicated, training almost everyday.

Their gym was frequented almost for bodybuilders and powerlifters, I was learning watching the guys training and they never discriminated because I was a girl, instead they were helpful and always motivated me, the atmosphere was great, it was like a family. Everybody started telling me I should think about competing, but I didn't have any clue about bodybuilding, so they start to show me bodybuilding magazines and videos with routines and brought me to the local bodybuilding shows. Then I started to enjoy the idea of competing but I knew I was not prepared, so it took me 6y to decide to step on stage, I am always perfectionist in what I do.

* You won first place in every competition you entered, and were the first female bodybuilder from your country to classify as a professional bodybuilder. Only a few women can withstand the long hard training hours in the gym and savor this sweet taste of your success. How have your achievements so far brought you closer to being the person you aspire to be? Why?

Monica Martin: Training for 6y before doing my first amateur show made me feel enough confident, I was looking outstanding close to the other competitors, all judges was amazed with me they never saw a girl competing with my quality, symmetry and looks ever before. All my hard training and dedication worth the wait. That moment I won that show I knew the curse of my life totally changed, I knew what I wanted and I went full for it.
My journey was not easy, all the politics plus money difficulties, I didn't have any good sponsors to help me with my expenses, plus people was trying to put me down telling me it was a crazy a idea to think in to become the first brazilian women to get a pro card, people always get scared of new ideas…
But that time I had a boyfriend, he was a tough guy from Army and he had a very martial life style, it helped me to stay in focus. He kept me away from this voodoo people. He was a wonderful person who gave me all the support I needed to reach my goals, whatever he is now he still has a really special place in my heart, without his help I wouldn't be who I'm or be where I'm now. I believe the things happen and everybody we meet is for a reason.

* How do you maintain your ripped condition and very aesthetic feminine physique all over of the year? Please tell me about your training routine and meals.

Monica Martin: I do cardio and workout 6X a week.
I start with 40 min cardio then I workout very intense for a max of 45 min.
I eat 3 or 4 high protein meals a day in off season, I like to eat sweets often but I got a fast metabolism so I don't get fat. Thanks for mentioning "aesthetic feminine physique" I like that! xoxo!

* Let's take a look Monica at one of your favorite costumes. How does it reflect and support your character?

Monica Martin: Most of the people see the image of the Devil as a bad thing, I don't see it totally that way, we live in a world what everything has a balance, so we have both God & Devil inside us, we just need to learn how to combine those forces in a good way to give some spicy for the life... Power, temptation, seduction, control, YES I get mischievous sometimes...It was a blast for me to see the reactions of the judges and people when I showed up on stage doing my routine wearing my Devilette outfit!

* How is bodybuilding different in the US from Brazil and what made you move from Brazil to the US?

Monica Martin: 2y after I got my pro card I moved to US, was pretty expensive and exhausting for me to keep traveling back and forward. It's a honor for me to be brazilian but I get to say I love US, this is the land of the opportunities if you work hard and have new ideas, you will succeed, unhappily in Brazil it doesn't happen the same way specially in bodybuilding.

* How would you change the sport of bodybuilding to make it better?

Monica Martin: Less politics…

* What type of flexing videos turns your fans on the most? Is it easy for you to satisfy so many fans? It's extremely challenging, isn't it?

Monica Martin: In my website I have a little bit of everything, but I will say what the most enjoy is muscle control videos. I feel pretty comfortable in front of the camera, I'm not a shy person LOL!

* How did you learn so many languages: English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and little French? Are you a genius?

Monica Martin: Well, when I came to US I didn't speak any English, the first place I lived was in Miami, Doral, there everyone talks in Spanish so I had no choice in to learn it. Then after a year I moved to Ft Lauderdale and met a French Canadian girl became one of my best friends so I was learning English with her and some words I didn't understand in English she was telling me in French, I had French classes at school in Brasil when as a kid so I could understand what she was trying to say. About Italian, my grandfather was a good looking Italian man, I went in Italy couple years for a month, nothing better then stay in the country when you want to learn the language, I also have been many years working in the webcam websites for bodybuilders, I was the first women bodybuilder to be successful in the webcam, I have fans around the world, sometimes you go to my chat and I am typing in 4 different languages at the same time, brain workout LOL! I am used to it I guess it's just easy for me to learn languages, as I said my father was a translator, he used to speak 6 languages.

* What other quirks, secret fears or desires, likes and dislikes, fears and follies may affect the way you look or act?

Monica Martin: I don't have any secret fears, I'm not a scared person. The things I desire I go to get them, remember everything is possible to get if you believe in yourself.
I like honesty, I say what I think I don't hold anything back.
I respect people's individualities and all I expect is the same from them.
I stay away from jealousy and hypocrisy, those are very low vibes.
I'm a extremely clean person with my body and with the environment I live, I can't stand smelly people or dirty places, it can make me really stressed.

* What do you like to in your free time?

Monica Martin: Listen music, hangout with my friends, pet my cat, watch movies, dance, travel, surf in the internet and shop of course!

* What advice would you give someone who was just starting in bodybuilding?

Monica Martin: Stay away from drugs, go for the real gain first.

* What do most people don't know about you?

Monica Martin: I'm a very sensitive person.

* What is the most important thing you want, your greatest desire?

Monica Martin: Keep health, successful and have peace of mind to keep running for my goals the journey never ends, that's what give sense for the life: life is a challenge.

Thanks, Jonathan!

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