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I first began competing when I injured my shoulder during volleyball season my senior year of highschool, I was told I could not play anymore unless I had surgery so I decided to pickup on a different hobby and started weightlifting, once that began I met a girl who competed and I became very interested in that. I met with an online coach and it was game time from there on out, I became addicted to the changes I was seeing and I became tunnel visioned with the hunger for a trophy oh and a blinged out bikini.

Off season, my diet is very laid back, I still maintain a good balance between healthy meals and cheats. I typically stick to a certain amount of carbs fats and proteins but I don't panic if I'm over or under one or two days. Pre-season I typically have a meal plan from my coach, I don't necessarily follow macros just because I've found that certain foods and amounts react with my body better than trying to track macros. I have found that the best diet type for my body is higher calories, higher protein, lower fats, higher carbs. A diet plan that failed for me during a show contest was being in a caloric deficit, no carbs, high fats and tons of cardio. My body didn't like that and decided to store all the fats I was taking in as actual body fat. My body reacts better with carbs.

Training: Typically fasted cardio 30-45 minutes was incorporated into my every day training as well as 20 minutes HIIT ( sprints on incline treadmill) post workout.

Self-confidence to compete: To be completely honest the only reason I had self confidence was because I looked back at progress photos from the start of my prep and I realized how much work I had put in and how far I had come. Another thing that got me to be confident was knowing that every other girl backstage had the same butterflies and nerves that I did but we were all doing the same thing.

The feelings from the moment you wake up on show day to pre judging and finals are indescribable. From the moment you wakeup you are full of nerves, excitement, hunger, nausea from all the events going on but being surrounded by love from family and friends helped me get through all of it.

My future plans include competing in Mile High here in Colorado, June 3rd followed by Colorado State July 8th and depending how that goes I plan to do nationals in Vegas at the end of July or compete in Miami in November! My life is a lot more than just competing, I do personal training as well as work at a supplement store. I want to expand my social media following and popularity slowly but surely.

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