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Well although I have been very active my entire life (figure skating, dance and martial arts) I am always looking for another challenge. I had been training a little with a local trainer in my small home town gym and loved lifting and feeling strong he had mentioned I could take it as far as I wanted as he ran to the back to grab a muscle magazine of sorts pointing at a very defined women he said you have genetics like this, I was flattered but in disbelief and was at the time just content with being lean with a little bit of tone.

Then I took up running, began with a 5k then 10k following up I was now training for a half marathon in doing as much research as possible to be successful I discovered it was important to avoid injury etc that I also weight train, so I joined another gym closer to my work, family run that offered bootcamps etc to get me stronger and ready for my half marathon. I loved the atmosphere the camaraderie the vibe of others reaching goals was contagious. I reached my goal of half a marathon in spring of 2015 the ran tough mudder with my teenage son in the fall and was shocked at how strong I was in my upper body strength. In reflecting back I reached the goals I set with more ease than I anticipated so I needed a new goal...it was brought up by two female trainers that I respected that I should consider competing. I entertained the idea and meet t with the owner and head trainer for this specific training and asked if it was possible to achieve in 7 months...knowing that my goal was not simply to get up on stage but to do very well when I did...so we began training and focusing on my diet.

In the beginning we made sure my calories were high and my metabolism was optimal so when we had to cut I was in a good place. I am currently doing as much research as possible and manipulating different diet options to fuel my body and mind set of being in prep, but definitely eating whole foods always. While cutting I have found that a ketogenic approach has personally worked wonders for me I feel incredible on it and see results.

I can't say that a competition diet had failed but I can say after doing 4 shows in one season and feeling excited to be off prep and not being on set plan was not a good idea for me I had gained a little extra body fat than I would have wanted to see and made prep harder the following season. Having a plan and daily choices help me stay focused on my goals and feeling great. My first season I had competed at my local regional show went on to provincials then nationals, then decided I had wanted to compete at a regional level for the naturals. At both regional levels I won (3 in total overalls). This year I competed in both open and naturals provincials placing 2nd (by 1 point) in both. I plan on competing in both Nationals in 2018.

Coming home with a beautiful trophy ?? 2 nd place thats qualification for nationals !!! I couldn't be more appreciative for all the love and support so many of you have shown me and for all of you that have shared this journey with me . Thank you Troy @t2thegym and celine Deb for all the dedication and hours you've invested into me to help me obtain my goals xo

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I believe I had the confidence to strut on stage because of previous experience as I was a drama major dance minor at a performance arts highschool, modelling, competing in figure skating and martial arts its kinda like an alter ego on stage, yes its uncomfortable at first but I embrace those butterflies it means growth when we step outside our comfort. And I worked so hard and left nothing behind that I felt ready.

The experiences and people I have meet in this industry have been incredible. I love this industry whole heartedly. The competition is different than other sports I've been in, everyone this far has been extremely sportsmen like, the competition is really against yourself and everyone wants the same thing, growth and improvement within themselves.

When you are working that hard on yourself you feel more content positive just happier and outgoing. I find for myself and I think I can speak for others that this positivity and dedication, attention to detail and desire to constantly improve trickles into all other aspects of our life...work, family friendships etc. also I now know the meaning of "gym family" there is something to be said about an incredible support system that genuinely want to see you succeed, having your back and believing in you sometimes more than we do ourselves.

Since competing I have learnt so much valuable information about fuelling the body for how you expect it to perform, the science and mental hormonal changes that take place, valuable information that I was never taught in schools, during other sports (even at a national level) I'd love in the future to expand on this in some way to help people (athletes or not) have a understanding and healthy relationship with food.. my belief is to not feel restricted as it leads to negative relationships with food and self and is often not sustainable leading to binging etc ( I could go on), I do believe that finding the healthy alternative to satisfy cravings and enjoy your food is incredibly important. So much so that while I was in prep I made myself protein treats that were low sugar low carb to satisfy my sweet tooth, now I actually have a little side business selling them soon to be in a fourth local store.

My Facebook Page and business is called clean eats sweet treats.
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Instagram Michelle Ralph-Larose.

Thank you for taking the time to read a chapter of my journey...to be continued


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