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I was introduced by my husband to bodybuilding. He formerly competed himself and returned to compete again earlier this year. Prior to competing in figure I was a competitive marathon runner.

My diet doesn't change much from off-season to pre contest. What changes are my nutrient ratios and my total caloric intake and my calorie burning. I also allow for more cheating in the offseason. 1-2x a week I'll have a cheat meal off-season. Pre contest is based upon what my coach has to say of course. My husband has been my only coach and the only thing that has ever not worked for me was frequent high Intensity cardio. My legs flatten out too much. Aside from that the workouts and diets have not changed in terms of concept because they both have always worked well.

It happened! I won my class in Masters Figure and overall and in Open and overall! First Iíd like to thank my coach/ husband @grants_fitness_health_page Iím beyond grateful to have you by my side every step of the way. Thank you for all of your guidance and support babe youíre SO freakín awesome, I love you! And to all of you who have continued to support me means SO much to me?? Thank you from the bottom of my heart.?? . . . . #myheartissofull #ofjoy #soproud #contracosta2018 #overallwinner #npc #ifbb #figurecompetitor

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Self-confidence: This has been the hardest part for me. But, practice makes perfect and anything difficult is always the most rewarding!

I train intensely with weights 5x a week year round and I follow progressive overload principles with my lower body. With my upper I have all the size I need and mainly perform pumping or circuit style workouts. Cardio I perform 3x weekly for 30 min minimum year round for heart health. Pre contest it just increases or decreases as needed. Same with my calories. I eat more if I burn more in the offseason and eat less on days I burn less. I always get 90% of my calories from tradition diet foods year round. Typically lean organic meat and fish, white rice, sweet potato and lots of veggies with 1 piece of fruit a day. When I feel like a need to carb up for a tough workout I will allow for the occasional stack of pancakes or even occasionally a couple doughnuts. This doesn't happen too often but does happen and it helps not hurts. Burgers and fries are also good for calorie spikes as well.

My check in experiences are always good with the people and staff at events. I've found the key is to have a schedule and never get running behind or stress will kick in and make your event more difficult than need be.

Life as an athlete: It's not about being an athlete as much as it is about not backing down from challenges. If I wasn't competing in figure I could get the same feelings in business if I faced adversity and grew from the experience. It's all about setting goals and not being afraid to chase them aggressively.

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My future plans are to compete in one more local show this year and hopefully get another overall win. Then take that momentum into nationals in Miami and go for my pro card. I also look to help as many people as possible along the way and use fitness as a tool to show people that adversity is a good thing along with fear and the overcoming of it! I love to help people do this and can be reached at Michelle0575@yahoo.com.
IG: https://www.instagram.com/michelle_mendoza_mcarthur

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