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Michelle: I started with an athletic background from high school throughout college participating in sports and a bit of weight training. I'm talking the late seventies and early eighties in which women didn't do much for sports conditioning in the weight room. After college I joined a gym and meet my first husband who thought I had a good physique for bodybuilding. So I received my first advice from a couple who were bodybuilders in 1985. I haven't stopped since. Now in my fifties I still plan to compete. It took me a ridiculous 25 years to get my pro card so now I'm going to compete a couple more years and see what happens. I will always lift as it is in my blood and lifestyle.

My diet stays close in the off season as I can to my contest diet. I usually eat the same foods but I may add a cheat kind of food once a day but it'd usually something like frozen yogurt or a burger. I'm not perfect sometimes I'll have a candy bar or a doughnut
I usually stick with higher protein medium carbs and little fat. I supplement very seldom with protein drinks and like to stick with real food. I take a multi, glutamine after workout aminos before.
In 30 years I have not done any weird diets! I tried no carb maybe once. Not for me. I keep it old school and simple. I may carb cycle towards the end of my prep. I simply drops calories then if I see I'm plateauing I'll actually add a few calories back usually protein.
I'm very old school 3 on 1 off 3 on 1 off day. I do mostly dumbbell work and smith for squats. Some machines for finishing movements.
I usually eat first meal, train, have after workout shake. 2 more meals then cardio and one last meal before bed. (If in prep like now I'll do fasted cardio first.)

I'm going to give you my best experience as a pro (and it hasn't been that long) Chicago pro a couple years ago. Checking in at a Tim Gardner show is the best! The athletes are treated like the professionals we ate. There was a Q and A with the fans. I received a gym bag full of goodies from Wings of Strength sponsors who are amazing. They are supporting and taking over for the female bodybuilding division. Literally saving us! Backstage we all talked to each other and it was very relaxing. There was a special area backstage to get oiled. At the night show a nice touch was we all got a red rose and there was a huge food table! The best was the day after WINGS was doing photoshoots and we actually got paid and a nice amount.

My future plans are to do the Puerto Rico pro in May and maybe the new Lenda Murray show in Norfolk in July. I plan to attend and have a booth at the championship in Phoenix, September 9-10. My booth will be my protein cookies and muffins.

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