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Melanie: I am a wife, mother, teacher and a professional natural Bodybuilder currently ranked 3rd at Fitness America World Championships. I am actively involved with the Alaskan running and fitness community. I began running in 2005; completing 5k’s, a full marathon and all distances in between.

I started lifting weights in 2010 with the goal of entering my first figure competition. Since that time have earned my ABFF Pro Card in Women’s Natural Bodybuilding competing in state level drug tested shows in Alaska, Washington and Idaho and am currently ranked third at MM World Championships, my current focus. I have been involved in different aspects of physical fitness my whole life. As a child growing up in Minnesota, I was a competitive figure skater. I taught PE to kids in K-12 for 10 years, teaching skating basic skills, coaching cross-country skiing and running for several years too.

I look at my body’s health and training schedule for one year at a time – so in that sense I am always “training” – but for me it’s just my lifestyle. I compete in Musclemania Championships the weekend before Thanksgiving in Las Vegas so that is when I am my leanest and meanest. I miss Halloween but then am able to partake in Thanksgiving celebrations all through the New Year. With that said I don’t ever fluctuate more than 10 pounds on the scale. I find balance to be very important plus I just don’t feel comfortable past with too much extra than what I am used to.

Starving does not work. Working extra hard at the end for a short spurt does not work. Temporary is temporary. For me slow and steady day by day choices to eat healthy, body beneficial food along with daily vigorous exercise is the simple key. My nutrition and work out plans are from online trainer Shawn Wolfe – Wolfe4Life Training and Nutrition. The nutrition and exercise principles that I learned from Shawn changed my life and he is a walking billboard of his knowledge training.

I do not like taking supplements so I have to force myself about 10 weeks out from a competition to follow through daily with Creatine, BCAA’s, L-Carnitine, MusclEase (Valarian and willow) and lots and lots of water. I do not rely on supplements for quick results – I rely on my choices!

I get up between 4 and 5:00am – I have for my whole adult life. In these morning hours I have completed work for a Master’s Degree, trained for a marathon, two World Championships and a myriad of other tasks all while holding down full time employment and raising a child. I find structure to be the key to accomplishing just about anything. Currently I do cardio 7 days a week averaging over 100 miles a month between walking on an incline plane treadmill and running. I also lift 5 days a week. Our whole family works together to eat healthy and I am very lucky to have a husband that prepares the majority of my meals.

I plan to continue to stay an active voice in for women’s health and wellness.
- It is my intention as a Natural Bodybuilder to be a walking billboard for self-respect through proper nutrition and exercise.
- To inspire both women and men to strive for personal greatness, forgo shortcuts, temptations and embrace the journey of developing lifelong habits that promote health and wellness.
Reach for the stars – take charge of your life (no one else will), and enjoy the month.

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Melanie Redington

Melanie Redington

Photo by Emmanuel "Manny" Reyes