Megan Loda - Bikini Competitor

I watched my sister in law compete two years ago. I was so impressed by her determination and dedication. I was inspired by her and wanted to challenge myself mentally and physically.

My diet became very "clean". I was not eating any processed food. THe most effective thing I found was cutting out all artificial sweeteners and sticking to my diet. Every meal counted. I had to look at food as fuel.

Yesterday was such a dream ??? The day was a whirlwind that went by incredibly fast! I knew that no matter what happened... I was a winner! I did it, I accomplished my goal?? There is no greater feeling than working your ass off to reach your goal. I want to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart for all the sport & love! ??

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I built self confidence through self love. I began to except my flaws and love my self anyways. Closer I got to competition time the more my confidence grew. I read a daily devotions book that would help begin my day on a positive note. I often would journal or give my self pep talks. I constantly was reminding myself that I could do this, that I had what it takes. Self love is SO important when it comes to competition!

I was doing cardio 6-7 days a week. My cardio gradually increased as I got closer to show day. I lifted 5-6 days a week. My diet was key to seeing results! The closer I got to show day the harder my lifts became. I really focused on being in the moment and giving my all during that moment.

Competition day went so fast! I was anxious, nervous and excited. I didn't know what to expect. Pre-judging was nerve racking but also very fun! I was grateful for all the support I had from family and friends. I wasnt expecting to place at all so when I did i was in complete shock!

I had to make a lot of sacrifices throughout prep. A lot of my time was designated to prepping for my contest. I was in the gym hours a day and constantly meal prepping tomake sure I was sticking to my diet.

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I am about to start a 12 week lean bulk plan. I want to grow and put on muscle. I hope to do a show again next year!


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