Maryann Pascoe - Figure Competitor

I started competing in INBA Figure competitions September 2015. I am a personal trainer at Orbit Fitness Mt Martha and had always considered competing. June 2015 a trainer approached our gym who trained girls for body competitions. I hadnít even watched a show, but decided to give it a go. Had I watched a show I NEVER would have competed. Very glad I never had as we have done extremely well. Victorians straight to Nationals in 2015 to wins at my three competitions this year.

As I have only been competing for 9 months with five competitions already, I havenít had alot of off-season. I am learning how my body responds best as I go along. I basically eat 5-6 high protein meals, loads of greens and good carbs. I listen to what my body is craving, whether it be food, training or rest. As competition nears I carb cycle. I donít do diet plans, I basically eat clean. Nothing has failed so far as Iím just getting better which each prep.

My training varies an awful lot through each prep depending whether I need to build muscle or strip fat. I just know where my body needs improving and I work for it. I do fasted cardio as often as I can, preferably three times a week. I do strength 6 days and rest on any day I feel necessary. I donít go by a set program.

I never had to build the confidence to walk on stage. I firmly believed all the way that if Iím meant to be on stage I will make it there and was extremely grateful when I did. I just gave it my best shot, did well, improved with every time I walked on stage. Whether it be my body shape, bikini, posing, hair, makeup or confidence, all of the above just keep getting better.

I absolutely love comp day as I know I've done all I can do and the result is out of my hands. From the 5am hair & makeup, steak and pancakes. 6.30am dream tan. 8am roadtrip to Mooney Valley with my number one support and fiance Des and our 5year old boy Harry. 9am checkin and on stage by 10am for up to 4 categories and finished. Always in the placings if not winning so it loads of fun. Iíve met so many beautiful people in this new sport Iíve encountered and am absolutely blessed.

I have been invited to compete in a Pro Qualifier after my last win so I would like to give this a go, you never know. I plan to do the Victorians in September and onto the Nationals in Sydney in October 2016 which I am already qualified for. I would like to start training potential competitors for body comps in the future and I believe I will continue competing myself as I just love it and it keeps me accountable to my food and training.

Maryann Pascoe
Qualified Personal Trainer at Orbit Fitness
686 Nepean Hwy
Mt Martha ...Victoria... Australia
03 5975 6000 or 0401 059 292

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