Marnie Lynn - Figure Competitor

I started to compete as a result of not being able to play sports in college. I was working full time and so that really didn't allow me to play softball, which was what I was looking to do. At the age of 20, aside from going to school fool time I decided to become a CPT (certified personal trainer). From starting a second job on top of working full time and school full time I picked up a few clients at a local gym in Portland, ME.

Marnie Lynn

It was there that the owner, who is a bodybuilder, suggested I try a show. I realized it was something I could do on my own, and so at the age of 20 that is how I got into fitness shows. The flexibility of being able to train on my own time, and the idea of upping my fitness to the next level.

Diet off-season vs. pre-contest- The biggest thing I'd say is different is that every meal isn't planned. I also "live a little", I have a glass of wine, I'll have chocolate, I am not weighing out my food. It's the 80/20 rule though. Having one cheat meal a week. Competing is the "sport of dieting" and if you stay on the same exact meal plan in your off-season as you do in-season, then you truly aren't having an off season. It makes me appreciate the off-season and having more variety in my diet, and in the off-season it makes me appreciate the competition diet and the discipline that goes with that. You HAVE TO BE CAREFUL, many folks, particularly females, can develop a warped self-image and eating disorder if you are not careful. You have to realize how you look on the day of a show isn't a realistic look for anybody, especially a woman.

I find 6 meals a day with protein at every single meal is the best for me. Essentially it boosts my metabolism and so I never felt hungry. I also drink 1 gallon of water per day which helps tremendously with hunger. Calories wise, I am going to say anywhere from 1500-1900 calories depending upon where in the show prep phase I am at.
Right from the start I have done this meal plan and it has worked for me all along.

I make meals up 2 days a week, usually on Sundays and Wednesdays. I work out 6 days a week. I try to enjoy both processes because it can become a daunting task, but I keep my eyes on the prize which is the show, regardless of placement!

Confidence: I guess I just told myself its simply the 3-minute process to show friends, family and judges the work you have done over the past 12-20 weeks. Competing is a victory in and of itself. It's the most subjective sport I've ever competed in.

Well I just placed 1st place in April for the first time in my life, so that was an amazing feeling. It felt rewarding to have all my hard work through both workouts and nutrition pay off.

My plan is to compete in 2017 and go for my Pro Card!


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