Marjana Onic - Figure Competitor

I have been training for years recreationally, on and off like an average gym user, but for the last few years very seriously, because I love it and I wanted to get in my best shape possible. I was quite chubby at the time and I lost 20kg first in 6 months, then I started to build my body. I love everything about it, lifting weights, getting strong, building muscle, the sweat and the pain…Then last year my trainer Dusko Madzarovic noticed my progress and started persuading me to compete. I decided to go through pre contest preparations and if confident enough I would compete. I stepped on stage for the first time in Italy on Mr/Miss International competition on October 17th and the next day on Mr/Miss Universe 2015. I placed second on Miss International figure category and fourth on Miss Universe figure category and then decided to compete on all competitions in 2016, because I had so much fun.

After finishing last year's season I started the so called off-season or bulking. My diet changed and my trainings were focused on building muscle mass. I had seven meals per day plus whey protein shake after training. In the morning I had four whole eggs and 200g of yoghurt. Second meal was 200g of low fat fresh cheese (curd) and one apple. Third meal was 200g of lean meat, chicken or beef, 400g of broccoli and a mixed salad. One hour later 100g of rice. In the afternoon I had one large can of tuna and 30g of crackers. After training late afternoon or early evening I had 50g of whey protein mixed with water and for dinner 350g of nonfat fish and a mixed salad. Last meal before bed was one apple and one orange. With that diet plan and hard trainings I built a lot of mass and got stronger than ever before. During contest preparations diet changes severely. When I started the leaning process I had 2 whole eggs and four eggwhites for breakfast, 200g of chicken breast and 200g of broccoli for lunch, 200g of chicken breast and green salad in the afternoon and 300g of lean fish and green salad for dinner. As the contest approached I took away the afternoon meal.

In the past I tried different diet plans and this one worked the best for me. We are all very different and everyone needs an individual diet. For some, carb cycling works best, for me it did not. It put too much stress on my body and my mood changes were incontrollable. The same was with ketogenic diet, I didn't feel good physically and mentally.

My training consists mostly of lifting weights, each day different muscle group or two. I train five times a week. During contest preparations I also include cardio training after weightlifting, up to 45 minutes. My weight training then goes from super heavy down to 50% of my strength as the diet goes more and more extreme. It is without a doubt hard to train on such low calorie intake and it gets harder every day to even function normally. No one can even begin to imagine the stress of pre contest preparations if they hadn't tried it. Neither could I before I got through it for the first time.

But as every competitor will tell you, in those few minutes on the stage you feel it was worth it, all the pain, hunger and hard work pays off in those five minutes when you stand on the stage shoulder to shoulder with the best athletes. My best experience this year was the European championship in Italy, which I won. I competed in figure category, as always. Considering my achievements, European championship definitely stands out. But considering the event itself, world championship in Koper can compare to nothing else. Over 200 competitors from around the globe, massive audience, being there with the best of the best in this sport…it really is an amazing experience. I placed tenth in world championship and I am pleased with the result.

I grew up quite frustrated about my appearance, so showing my body on the stage was something I would never even dream of doing. I didn't even wear shorts in the summer until this year. The one who made me confident enough to actually appear on stage in a bikini was my trainer Dusko Madzarovic. Also the support of my closest friends and my family helped a little.

For a while I will now focus on my health, family and other pleasures in life, I will compete again after a little pause. In the meantime I will build my career as a personal trainer and train for myself as I did so far. I'm also doing some modeling, which I find very pleasurable. So you can still find me at the gym, sticking to my fitness lifestyle that I love.

My contact for any questions regarding personal training, modeling or fitness lifestyle is
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