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I am a farm girl from Iowa. I was raised on a farm in a small town in Iowa. First one in my family to ever go to college. I grew up with two older brothers who basically beat the crap out of me and I played basically every sport growing up. I was a true tom boy, athlete and super competitive. I played one year in college and then realized I needed to focus on my studies. I found competing one year ago. People used to ask me if I "competed" and I honestly didn't know what that meant. I went to a local show, decided to pick a show and compete in my first one which was one year ago.

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Pre-judging done .. been up sine 4:30am #tired #hungry #hangry #npcbikini #selfie @ken_s_wawa @npcfirstcallout @buffbikinis

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The rest is history, since then I have done 4 shows in one year. WITH breaking 3 bones in my foot this past year as well. A fire was lit in me! I found something I was comfortably uncomfortable doing. Training like a beast and following a diet is comfortable. uncomfortable for me was stepping on stage in a bikini and heels . The sport allows me to compete with myself every day and at every show. It allows the competitive side of me to fire up again like it did when I was playing sports as a kid. And honestly, growing up I was pretty good at every sport I ever tried. And in NPC competing I have gotten my ass kicked over and over. BUT it's not losing. It's learning.

The most change is the caloric change the last 6 weeks before my last few shows, since I broke my foot I was having to dial down my calories to drop some retained fat I had around my quads and midsection - therefore I would maintain about 1,051 calories. For me the most effective is finding the right timing for your carbs. I was always afraid of them but you need them. I try to aim for a 35% fat, 40% protein and 25% carb breakdown. Timing meals and making sure they are all packed with good nutrients but are calorie friendly. I don't eat the same meals every day . I find one day I eat overnight oats for my big carb intake and then I will have ezekial bread or half small sweet potatoe. iso whey protein isolate is my staple for post workout. Pre workout nothing with caffeine usually I like a clean BCAA drink like xtend free or raw. tons of water. I use an alkaline water filter and add apple cidar vinegar and lime juice to sip on all day. coffee in the morning is key and I try not to use any dairy or gluten and all NON GMO and organic meat and veggies and I eat a little bit of fruit. The key is measuring your food. Not avoiding carbs. Getting tons of water and rest

The diet plans that failed for me in the past was being told to eat 6 times a day meals that were all similar. Fish, asparagus and a dry rice cake. That does not work for me nor probably anyone realistically. There are so many other low fat, low caloric more nutrient dense food.

I did not have self confidence to strut on stage LOL and I still lack it. I have a very tom boy kind of shy side of me. I am getting better each show that I do. I try to just tell myself to have fun and be yourself and I am learning to work my strong angles and show off all that damn hard work!

Training I do variety, I have larger quads and hamstrings - therefore I recently do more low intensity sustained cardio or long runs. I had to change running which I love after breaking my foot in February to walking inclined treadmill I love the stair master but need to limit it due to my leg size as well. Also I love HIIT training and yoga off and on season. I love to train legs but my goal now is glute hamstring tie it and continued fullness of my gluteus minimus. Build a more structured, sexy calf and get my waist a little smaller. I know how I need to look to get my IFBB pro Card so I need to shrink.

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“It is a shame for a woman to grow old , without ever seeing the strength and beauty of which her body is capable “ Socrates #body #beauty #strengthquotes #socrates #greatquote #tgif #weekendvibes #fitness #npcbikini #photography #quads #fitness #fitnessmodel #

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My last contest, the head judge made a point to come up to me and discuss why I had placed 2nd and not 1st in my open class. I was so appreciative he took the time to give me positive feedback and very constructive criticism.

Being an athlete has been my whole life. I love to see how amazing the mind and body are in sync. How one influences the other. How we are what we eat. How hard work DOES pay off How you learn so much about your mental willpower and strength when you compete and when you discipline yourself. People look to you for advice and they look up to you. my life is changing all the time. My mind and my body. New goals. new exercises, new diets. Change is good. Find something new to eat, drink or train that's healthy and keeps your life exciting.

My goals are to continue to be a better me. An example. To learn from others and to learn from myself. I am competing spring and summer 2019 NPC nationals to hopefully get my IFBB PRO card. Do some photo shoots. Get a sponsor. Continue to succeed professionally as well with my own LLC and ARNP practice and to just kick some major ass in all areas of my life


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