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I literally can't remember a time where I wasn't being active or playing sports. My mom put me and my siblings in sports programs in a really young age (I'm talking about since I was 6), I think that's something that I will always be grateful for since it created in a sense of ambition and discipline that will die with me.
From 8 to 10 I was more focused on swimming and competed regularly, often ending in first and second place, the other day I got curious and counted 7 medals in first place and 4 in second place and 2 in third from my swimming competitions. From 10 to 12 I found a passion in Squash and started playing daily, so did my siblings and the three of us started playing for our country, which will always be one of the things I'm more proud of.

So as you can imagine being third national racquet for 3 years required a lot of training, both physically and mentally, effort, discipline, dieting and hours of hard work. When I left squash to focus more on my studies I actually drop all of my athlete habits which meant eating greasy, late nights, stopped training in every form till I was seventeen where I actually started worrying about my physique and bad habits. So I took the good habits back, started working out again (mainly cardio and little weights) till I was eighteen where I started lifting seriously and getting curious about the fitness world, wanted to know more about form. People started asking me about fitness and even though I read and studied a lot about it, it wasn't enough so years later I got certified as a personal trainer, so I could help people take this amazing lifestyle and become more healthy and confident.

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Diet and Training

I have flexible diet, certainly not strict one anyway. I eat healthy and count my macros and calories, when I have a photoshoot or an event I need to get in a greater shape, I do have a strict diet where I lower my carbs, up the protein and maintain the fat intake. I'm a mesomorph so it's easy for me to actually gain lean mass muscle and lose fat percentage when I plan ahead. I always tell my client the most important thing to succeed in the fitness world it's knowing your body, how your body responds to certain food or workouts what works for you. For some reason my body leans out better with body weight exercises and I avoid chocolate and bread, the two things more precious to me. It's sad haha.

Training - Depends on how I am physically. My quad muscles are really big in comparison with other muscles so sometimes if they get really big I might do slow cardio every other day, and lift a little lighter on legs but if I'm maintaining I do HIIT once or twice a week and lift as I usually would, if I'm cutting I HIIT 3 times a week plus a lot of lifting high reps and low weight.

On Stage

I can say that I basically built that confidence knowing what I want and not letting people affect my desire. Almost all my life people have been commenting on my body composition, if I should be more lean if I should bulk up a little bit, if my butt or legs are too big or muscular and I think knowing that I like being fit\thick\slim however you want to call it, holding more fat in certain places... I like it. And not letting people affect on what I want to do with my body and how I want to shape it, has helped me a lot in progressing on building a better body composition.

Honestly I think I've been in every shape: A lot of fat and little muscles, little fat and no muscle, a lot of both. Being a lifter and doing fitness for a profession can be really stressful sometimes since you are really hard on yourself regarding your physique, you might look amazing and you look in the mirror and you see just how many flaws you have instead of focusing also in how much progress you've made.

There was a time I was so obsessed that I was all kinds of strict, no breaks, no cheat meals, no losing sleep, it became unhealthy. If you are lucky, you will find balance between both worlds and you will embrace your flaws like the two things competitors and lifters hate more, stretch marks and cellulite. You just grow and get better when you do this, both physically, mentally and spiritually.

I have plans of using my career, communications and emerge in the TV world in fitness related programs, go from my base where I collaborated with a really important fitness figure in my country in a really important TV news in a fitness segment but on my own, also emerge on the radio. Help people from all over the world get their own nutrition and workout program through my website, I want to grow with my supporters. Maybe even write a book or two.

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Marie Ann Lora, 21.
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