Mariana Kielty - Figure Competitor

Mariana: I got into competing because my husband is a personal trainer, he started to train a few girls who did bikini, and they thought I would do spectacular in figure. I started to train and research how to do the dieting correctly and did my first show in 2013/2014, where I landed a 3rd place win in Open Figure. Then I did another show in 2015 and landed 1st Place in my class. Right now I am currently in off season in until 2017 because we are expecting our second child in 4 weeks!!!!

We do all competition prep, including my own, on calculating set numbers of macro-nutrients. My protein always stays the same unless I am trying to gain some lean mass, but the numbers of carbs and fats may fluctuate according to what 'stage' I am in. When I did my first show I was recommended carb cycling as well as, fasting in the evening and it DID NOT WORK. My body was so stressed and I was so crabby and tired. It put too much stress on my body to have no carb, low carb days. Being a Mom you need a balanced diet it just wasn't something that worked for me, even with 'refeed' days. I eat 6 small meals per day and workout once a day for about an hour- 1 hour and 30 minutes. My schedule is usually weightlifting and then I will add in some cardio closer to the show.

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My last experience was awesome!!! We live close so I always get nervous being around other athletes, they all seem to know each other, but none the less I always make friends with whoever is friendly!!! It certainly helps to have someone to talk to or to make sure you have a comfortable hang out spot back stage, blanket, water, food, music, power source...whatever it may be that you need to get you through the long day.

Future plans: Plan to compete again in 2017 and do a national show if time allows. My husband and I own Blue Ox Fitness - We do all customized workouts and meal plans, and have helped several competitors, all who have placed.

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