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I began working as a training consultant at one point in time, following around that same year I ran in to a lady whose physique was phenomenal, I had to ask of course what it was that she was doing, she kept it short an simple. She had been a bikini competitor. Shortly after that I had began an obsession with body builders, but I hadn't built the courage to yet try it. That same year I had met another, it was like at that point if I keep seeing them obviously this is a sign. After I spoke with the second lady, she was more detailed mentioned, teams and federations, which had all been a foreign language, but little did I know it was going to light my fire and began my interest in competing, transforming and evolving.

Off season diet, I am learning has to be maintained, and controlled as this is becoming a lifestyle. I am becoming accustomed to eating similar foods off season as I would on season, of course with allowing myself to be more lean or possibly having particular treats once a week or so, a happy diet is all about finding balance. Most of my meals as any body builders would usually consist of 6 meals a day, mines mostly of protein and vegetables. There is no secret when it comes to working out and losing weight, I find it best to keep your foods clean, and proportioned. As for working out the best way to get your heart rate up is Plyometrics and HIIT, when you are lifting weights try to constantly surprise your body by switching around sets and reps along with low and high weight.

I have only done one diet plan with my current coaches, and I haven't had any problems or anything to compare it to because my experience has been amazing, my best advice is to find a coach who cares about your off season diet just as much as your on season routine.

I try to set a routine for myself, such as start my breakfast by 7-9am at the latest, eating every 2.5 hours and never eating past 8, it helps me to stay disciplined and my body becomes more familiar with my schedule. Some days fasted cardio is included in my routine, I carb up than began my lift session.

Today was my first @musclecontest show and I Earned First in Novice and Second in Open, I am officially Nationally Qualified, proud of myself and thankful for my beautiful team mates @teamedge1 and I can never say Thankyou enough to @ingridromero1 and @joediscuillo ???

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Daily I spent as long as I could after my workouts to practice an get in the habit of being comfortable and confident with my posing. I tried to record every single posing session, it gives me the opportunity to go over and correct what doesn't look right and how I can improve. As time went by and I began to see changes in my physique, the more confident I became with wanting to showcase all of my hard work.

My first show was, no doubt, the most nerve racking, exciting, intense experience all in one. The whole peak week I just kept saying "I can't believe this is it, who is this strong dedicated woman in the mirror?". The day of check ins came, I was so excited to check in my first time with the title of an athlete, I still couldn't believe it. I woke up the next morning to prepare for pre judging and I felt so nervous I had butterflies flying in my stomach, I can't believe I was about to step on the stage in front of a crowd of people I don't even know, judging me. Once they called my name, all of that nervousness disappeared, the lights were so bright no one in the crowd existed, immediately I had gone in to tunnel vision, my confidence boosted and I walked on that stage as if I was saying "Hey look at me, I AM HERE, and my physique is phenomenal, pay attention". After that finals then came, and it was nothing but a great time, wonderful and empowering women everywhere, we had all worked hard and deserved to show it. I set a goal and I accomplished it, for finals I placed and became nationally qaulified, after I was at an all time happy the rest of the evening, I woke up holding my medal the next morning reminding myself it was real. My hunger to evolve then kicked in, and now I want more.

Being an athlete, has helped tremendously in my daily life. I am now more disciplined in all aspects, I have learned to be punctual, how to have self control, things have become a lot more precise. I definitely became distant with friends because all of my hours and energy were going in to the gym, and I couldn't go out to have a drink or eat junk, at one point I was so alone, no one supported or understood me. At some point I began to doubt myself and had thought I was just becoming crazy for committing to the same routine day in and day out. At some point it all became better, my body started changing, the gym became my office, I started meeting and attending more events with others like minded, and they quickly became a positive influence, at some point I wasn't alone anymore. Later closer to my show, my previous friends came around more once they seen that my routine had become my lifestyle and they seen my sculpt my physique, they figured this wasn't a joke and I had really transformed. It's safe to say I have built a support system slowly but surely, be patient, great things take time.

At some point someone said to me "While you're eating donuts, someone else is doing cardio"... or something like that LOL ?? This can only set the bar to beat the old me, if you want better, do better, 13 weeks out ?????? #vlogger #youtuber #gym #lift #bikinicompetitor #npc #posing #posingpractice #glutes #quads #bikini #fitfam #fitness #fitnessaddict #fitnessmotivation #muscle #mealprep #wcw #teamedge #supplements #protein #healthy #one1brands #inspiration #inspire

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In my present I am working on my youtube channel @MuscleUpRiah , this page is so important to me because I am working hard on my content to help others along their own personal fit journey, so that they know they are not alone and if I can help in anyway I will. In my future I would love to continue to pursue helping others, host bootcamps, and one day eventually open my own training facility to everyone transforming their physical health. Along the lines of this I am sure I will have many business opportunities as the possibilities are never ending. However I will continue to stay true to myself and those that I speak to always.

My Instagram is @MariahChilcutt I am always listening to others and all about improvement. Email:

Thank you for reading my story, I hope to one day hear yours :).

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