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Hello, my Name is Maria Ruszkowski. I am 39 years old, a mother of three children, and currently nationally qualified as a figure competitor. My strong passion for fitness began after the birth of my second child in 2002. I was at a point where I did not feel comfortable physically and mentally. My self-confidence was gone. One day I came across a fitness magazine featuring a well-known fitness competitor who totally inspired me. Her physique reflected a beautiful, confident, and strong woman, which gave me much needed motivation to succeed at my personal goals.

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Iím frequently asked about my diet. How I eat changes from off-season to contest readiness but not as drastically as one may think. In fact, the only two changes are the amount of food and a few added ďcheatĒ indulges. My food choices are pretty much the same year round. Even though I prefer nutrient dense foods, I donít limit myself too much from energy dense foods. I have found that timing carbohydrate intake around my workouts has been the biggest key for me.

One particular competition diet that did not bode particularly well for me was an approach using far less calories and carbohydrates than is typical. This concept left me constantly hungry, cranky, and with a flat and unappealing look for the stage. Iíve had great success with a diet that consists of 6-7 meals with higher intake of carbs and lower amounts of fat. My protein intake always remains the same.

Iím naturally a little more on the shy side. Anyone who knows me would tell you without a doubt that they could never envision me up on stage. During my first competition prep, I had daily anxiety with just the thought of hitting those bright lights in a two-piece suit. To my surprise, the day I stepped on the stage, an immediate transformation occurred and it suddenly felt natural. I was confident and my movements on-stage reflected it. I felt proud and secure of my achievement. At this point, there was no stopping me. The end result was first in my class and I took the overall! After that first show, I couldnít wait for the next one. If it werenít for my super supportive husband and my outstanding coach, Sam Yehia, my experience through this journey would have not been so incredibly rewarding.

Today I'd like to share my ????personal transformation in hopes to inspire & get rid of a vicious rumor. A misconception that surprisingly still exists among women. Lifting weights will make you bulky and masculine. Pfff,..I don't think so!! I'm the product of hard work and real lifting. Ladies, I assure you that going hard in the gym will enhance your natural curves, improve your overall health & your quality of life. A real transformation! Here's my personal article where I share my thoughts, experience, and how I achieved my results. ?????? link in my bio! #friday #motivation #myths #womenwholift #flex #abs #fitmom #strongissexy #workout #buildingstrongwomen #igers #blogger #miami #nutrition #healthy #fit #fitness #goals #gains #transformation #fatloss #bodybuilding #crossfit #food #love #believe #liftheavy #sexycurves

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My approach to training has been forged in the fires of trial and error, research, and enhancing methods, which my body responds best to. I have found that in order for women to achieve a lean, sleek, and sultry physique, you have to train harder and heavier than what your instinct may tell you. I recently wrote a short article about the common misconception of the impact of heavy lifting on womenís bodies. You can read it here:

The best results for my body come with routines centered on multi-joint movements such as deadlift, squats, lunges, burpees, and push presses. I utilize supersets and drop sets in every single session. HIIT also plays a major role in my ability to remain lean and curvy throughout the year. Nutrition plays a huge role, quite possibly the biggest role in how my body looks and how my overall composition is tweaked. Most of the questions I get asked are focused on nutrition followed by exercise selection and fat loss.

My immediate future plans include attaining an IFBB Pro card in the figure division. There are upcoming competitions this summer, which I plan to hit the stage. Iíll be starting my prep in a few weeks.

Right now, Iím working very hard on building, which is our health & fitness based social media company. I provide virtual personal training via Healthost and the results Iím getting from clients are tremendous. My husband and I are active in the day-to-day operations of this exploding user driven company and itís turning into a world leader for easy access to fitness and other health related information. The app is tremendous and my main fitness page is on Healthost. Itís an easy way to access completely free content provided our team of top trainers. Iíve also considered doing some fitness modeling and Iím always open to suggestions on how to approach it properly. Itís a very competitive industry and I plan on throwing my hat in the mix.

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